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@ArianaGrande Breaks FREE from the confines of traditional pop and creates hilarious #BreakFree video


Sexy, yet innocent. Fantastical and over-the-top, but still somewhat tasteful. Ariana Grande‘s video for “Break Free” shows an Ariana who just has no more cares to give. See for yourself: The beginning 25… Continue reading

2013 #YearInReview: Music Pt. 1


As the year comes to a close, so does a whole year of music. We went through a LOT of one-hit wonders and some songs that just wouldn’t leave us alone (see “Harlem… Continue reading

@BritneySpears teaches us the reasons for #WorkingHard on #WorkBitch


So hold your head high | Fingers to the sky | Now they don’t believe ya | But they gonna need ya | Keep it building higher and higher | Keep it building… Continue reading

Kylie’s back! And sounding sexier than ever on ‘Skirt’ #SongOfTheMoment


Tonight, be my supernova | take whatever you want. | Tonight, let me bask in you | like rays of the sun. | Tonight, I’m yours. | Tonight, we’re one. – Kylie Minogue,… Continue reading

@BritneySpears keeps it poppy and light with new #OohLaLa


“Ooh my my, baby don’t be shy | I see that spark flashing in your eye | My heart beats fast, ’cause I want it all | So baby come with me and be my ooh… Continue reading

Songs of 2012: Nos. 25-6


25) “Choomantar” – From Mere Brother Ki Dulhan Soundtrack 24) “30 Days,” by The Saturdays (Album TBA) 23) “Lovesong,” by Adele (21) 22) “I Found A Boy,” by Adele (21) 21) “Let’s Have A… Continue reading

#Throwback #SongoftheMoment Kylie’s ‘Spinning Around’ will have you feeling good in no time


“The mistakes that I made | Have given me the strength | To really believe. | And no matter how I take it | There’s no way I’m going to fake it, |… Continue reading

Living in a #Para #Para #Paradise with @Coldplay’s new #MyloXyloto


Coldplay is at it again with their new LP “Mylo Xyloto.” As an avid Coldplay fan (I LOVE COLDPLAY!), I couldn’t wait to hear the new album. Though I thoroughly enjoyed the first… Continue reading

Leona Lewis Takes on Ocean, Electronic Producers in New Single


Is it just me, or did Leona Lewis become more gorgeous than usual? In her new flick for her now really old relatively new single “Collide,” Lewis teams up with Ethan Lader to create a visual spectacle.… Continue reading

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