@BritneySpears teaches us the reasons for #WorkingHard on #WorkBitch

So hold your head high | Fingers to the sky | Now they don’t believe ya | But they gonna need ya | Keep it building higher and higher | Keep it building higher and higher | Work work work… | Work it out work it out… | You better work bitch!

Britney Spears, “Work Bitch

There’s no denying my love for all things BritBrit, but as far as buzz singles go, Britney brings the heat with the fever-inducing “Work Bitch.” Even though there is no real singing going on (I mean, does Britney even need to sing on tracks anymore?), she knows what her fans want: an EDM-dipped ode to working hard. Though some may not necessarily think the lyrics and song itself a personal, I’d like to think that this song is like a mantra of sorts for the pop princess. She probably has a Bugatti, Maserati and she DEFINITELY looks hot in a bikini, so, yes, I do believe that this song fulfills the “I’m making personal music this time around” promise BritBrit made to her fans.

In terms of the production (since this song is ALL about the production), Will.I.Am enlisted the help of Sebastian Ingrosso (check out his work with Swedish House Mafia here and OneRepublic‘s frontman Ryan Tedder below. Hell, even his theme song for Monster’s Inc. was pretty epic).

From here, Ingrosso hooked Will up with one of his protegé’s beats, which ended up being the instrumental backup for Brit’s vocals. I always knew she was an electronic queen, but holy crap this girl loads on the ‘tude and fake accent to make the listener go into an epileptic shock just from the pulsating beat. In other words, the production is sick.

In terms of how this song compares to other recent competition, including Gaga’s “Applause” and Perry’s “Roar,” the songs themselves are so different. Take Katy Perry’s “Roar.” The song is an empowerment anthem poised to fill the mainstream audience with glee. Whereas GaGa tries to create what she considers art with “Applause,” she makes something that sounds as if it could have been visionary last year but just blends in to the pop landscape now. The song that “Work Bitch” comes closest to emulating (and one of my favorites from last year) is Kylie’s “Skirt.” Both are electro-heavy and show these pop veterans focusing way more on production than on the actual lyrics that make the song up. Even the structure of the song is pretty similar! Lastly, and as much as I hate to say it, Perez Hilton was probably the closest to the truth when he said “Work Bitch” was pretty much “Scream & Shout” Pt. 2. It’s all about making people move.

Britney takes no prisoners.

I already chucked this song onto my workout playlist; anything this fast-paced telling me to work it out can motivate me to get back in shape. Overall, it’s what you’d expect from one of the biggest entertainers in the world when she’s about to announce a residency in the biggest adult playland in the world: Vegas. The song is all about high energy and getting lost in the music. Nothing less, nothing more. And that’s why it’s awesome.


GRADE: ★★★★☆


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