2013 #YearInReview: Music Pt. 1

As the year comes to a close, so does a whole year of music. We went through a LOT of one-hit wonders and some songs that just wouldn’t leave us alone (see “Harlem Shake” or “The Fox,” even though I still thoroughly enjoy the latter…). Here is MY Top 50 of the year, based on my iTunes play counts. Don’t judge 🙂

Katy Perry comes in at number 50 with “Dark Horse”

(52, 51 AND) 50.) played 89 times

49, 48 AND 47.) played 90 times

46.) played 92 times

45 AND 44.) played 93 times

43, 42, 41, 40 AND 39.) played 95 times

38 AND 37.) played 97 times

36, 35 AND 34.) played 99 times

33 AND 32.) played 102 times

31.) played 104 times

30.) played 105 times

One of the craziest (and pretty scrappy) “rappers” in the game currently, Azealia Banks makes it to number 28 with “Venus”

29 AND 28.) played 108 times

27.) played 109 times

26 AND 25.) played 111 times

24 AND 23.) played 117 times

22.) played 119 times

Beetlejuice himself graces us for the last time on this chart at number 21

21.) played 120 times


20.) played 121 times

The one song from Pt. 1 that should have been the third single, instead of that atrocity known as “Tunnel Vision.” (Mind you, “Vision” is a good song, it was just overshadowed by other amazing songs and a “what are you doing right now” moment for JT regarding the video) Click here to view my write-up on the song.

19.) played 130 times

I still can’t skip this song when it comes on my shuffle. Click here to view my write-up on the song.

18 AND 17.) played 131 times

This song. I still can’t get over how infectious it is. From the first “Mmmm-hm-mm-mm” (my terrible interpretation of the first voiced melody), I immediately get hooked and have to listen to the whole song. Duke really did well when creating this simplistic yet stunning beat, and of course A*M*E slayed on this track. It’s no wonder that A*M*E is one of the people to look out for in 2014.

Where do I begin? This remix really breathed in a whole new life to the song. Being one of my most-played songs from last year, it was refreshing to hear a new interpretation to change it all up. The best part was that it kept the artistic integrity of the original, while allowing listeners to not want to slit their wrists dance through the sad lyrics that haunt Lana’s dreams.

16.) played 132 times

Amazing. I can’t even begin to write any more about how this song brings me to tears when I watch the video or how it is such a powerful love song. Click here to view my write-up on the song.

15.) played 134 times

Within the first few moments of listening, I already knew I was too powerless for Miguel’s overwhelming seduction techniques present on “Adorn.” This song just makes you want to cuddle up with anyone, whether it be that perfect first date or that idiot you wasted a lot of time on. Either way, this song has a way of making me belt out while driving, “LET MY LOVE ADORN YOU, BAY-BAY!”

14 AND 13.) played 141 times

  • “Body Party” by Ciara

I mean, it samples “My Boo,” one of my ALL-TIME favorite R&B throwbacks from the ’90s. And throw in what seems to be Ciara’s best slow-to-mid-tempo R&B song since “Promise,” and you get this masterpiece.

Hypnotic beat. Check. Disney princess coming into her own. Check. Makes me feel like I need to take a shower if I listen to it more than five times in an hour. Check. I’d say Selena grew up and shed her precious image really well and with a song like “Birthday” to help set the tone for her pretty amazing LP Stars Dance, she showed everyone that she’s a force to be reckoned with in the pop sphere.

12.) played 142 times

It may have been the tropical sounds or even the fact that it sounded as if Beyoncé was not calculating every single move she had done with this album release whatever this was supposed to be since this song didn’t even end up on an LP. As a cross-promotion for herself and the album that was not meant to be (whatever was supposed to be before her Beyoncé amazingness) and the clothing store H&M, Beyoncé released a thirty-second version of this song, but of course the demo leaked almost immediately. And I thoroughly enjoyed it. 142 times to be exact.

Even in her 40’s, she’s still flawless. Love this woman.

11.) played 143 times

I love everything Kylie does. So this high charting should not be that much of a surprise. Click here to view my write-up on the song.


Overall, this has been a pretty great year for music. Stay tuned for my top 10!

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