Throwback Thursday: Watch young Britney Spears eat crawfish


Originally posted on WGNO:
Watch adorable Britney Spears explain how to eat crawfish, when she was just a little girl.  She explained how to eat the mud bugs from her home in Kentwood,…

Remember these calendar girls every damn day: India’s acid-attack survivors


Originally posted on Quartz:
It is nothing like the annual Kingfisher calendar that features supermodels in swimsuits in exotic locations around the world. Instead, the women featured in the Bello calendar are survivors of one…

@CarlyRaeJepsen throws away her #OneHitWonder status and goes for gold with #IReallyLikeYou


If there’s one thing Carly Rae Jepsen knows how to do, it’s get a song stuck in your head forever and ever. This time around, Jepsen throws away her #OneHitWonder status (see No. 6… Continue reading

This NSFW ‘Power Rangers’ Fan Film With Katee Sackhoff As The Pink Ranger Is Mighty Good


Originally posted on UPROXX:
The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers that most children of a certain generation remember is bright and goofy, with broad villains like a dimwitted bat-monkey and the Bloom of Doom.…

Even with 44 No. 1s, Queen of Pop @Madonna can’t seem to catch a break w/ #LivingForLove #RadioAirplay #RebelHeart


Forty-four No. 1s. That is a lot for one artist to amass. And Madonna has done that time and again on the Billboard Dance Club Charts. Her latest smash “Living For Love,” a… Continue reading

#50ShadesOfGrey deviates from novel; fails to wow in most aspects


I knew going into this film to not have lofty expectations… And I really didn’t. But the film “50 Shades of Grey,” based on the novel 50 Shades of Grey by E. L. James, failed… Continue reading

‘American Sniper’ focuses less on killing bad guys and more on internal struggles


From the opening scene of “American Sniper” (the same one of the kid being handed a bomb from the trailer), the audience knows this is a film dealing with the internal struggles in… Continue reading

Rings Like Saturn’s, but Supersized


Originally posted on TIME:
When the University of Rochester’s Eric Mamajek tells other astronomers about the object he and his colleagues discovered about 430 light-years from Earth, they tend to be skeptical—very skeptical.…

Bobby Jindal and the Case of the Nonexistent Hyphenated Indian-American


Bobby Jindal. Where do I start? I had a lot of faith in his abilities when he first campaigned to be governor in 2003 and even more when Kathleen Blanco failed so miserably… Continue reading

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