Olivia Rodrigo Takes Us On a Wild Ride With “drivers license”


I’ll start off by saying I had no idea who Olivia Rodrigo was – a student recommended that I listen to the song after conducting a regular wellness check with her. And I’m… Continue reading

2020’s Top 70 Albums: Nos. 10-1


In this labor of love, I give you the COMPLETE Top 70 Albums of 2020. It’s been a long and tedious journey to get here, but I did it – I reviewed 70 albums. I wrote nearly 20,000 words to describe the music that shaped my year – my quarantine and isolation. And it all culminated with this final posting…

2020’s Top 70 Albums: Nos. 30-11


In Part 3 of my Top Albums of 2020 List, I’m splitting hairs – the quality of music is so great, but there has to be some give. I present to you Nos. 30-11, featuring some of the biggest Latin, R&B, Rock, Pop, and Soundtrack albums of the year…

2020’s Top 70 Albums: Nos. 50-31


Welcome to Part 2 of Kittu’s Top Albums of 2020! The stakes are higher, the music better, and the memories associated with these songs that much richer. With several surprises, upsets, and even… Continue reading

2020’s Top 70 Albums: Nos. 70-51


This year was anything but ordinary. In an effort to draw attention to the plethora of good music that made their way onto our playlists and recall some of the positive things that… Continue reading

Kylie Soothes the Masses on #SaySomething


Just as the initial euphoric feelings of genius begin to wear off from subsequent, repetitive listens of both Jessie Ware‘s and Lady GaGa‘s recent offerings (“Stupid Love” and “Rain On Me“), my very-own… Continue reading

Avoiding #ActivismBurnout While Advocating for #BLM


Update: here’s the companion video to this blog post As issues of systemic racism against Black people have taken a front-and-center position across the United States, many of us may find ourselves distressed… Continue reading

GaGa Takes All of Us to #ClubQuarantine on #RainOnMe


While she may have burst onto the scenes of this new era pre-Quarantine with a reminiscent zest for life on “Stupid Love,” Lady GaGa (with the help of Ariana Grande) turns up the… Continue reading

The #NewRules of Quarantining During an Outbreak


In times of major conflict, issues like uncertainty, anxiety, depression, and grief tend to plague all of us. As someone who prides himself in trying to help others find healthier ways to cope and make sense of the world around them, I wanted to write down what I’d call the “#NewRules of Quarantining.” Here are some tips on how to handle these mental health issues as they come up.

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