GaGa Takes All of Us to #ClubQuarantine on #RainOnMe


While she may have burst onto the scenes of this new era pre-Quarantine with a reminiscent zest for life on “Stupid Love,” Lady GaGa (with the help of Ariana Grande) turns up the… Continue reading

The #NewRules of Quarantining During an Outbreak


In times of major conflict, issues like uncertainty, anxiety, depression, and grief tend to plague all of us. As someone who prides himself in trying to help others find healthier ways to cope and make sense of the world around them, I wanted to write down what I’d call the “#NewRules of Quarantining.” Here are some tips on how to handle these mental health issues as they come up.

GaGa Reminds Us Why We Fell for Her on “Stupid Love”


In a world where the Selenas, Duas, and Arianas of the world continue to churn out subdued, darker, and introspective earworms, Lady GaGa returns to the trenches in a most deliberate fashion. “Stupid… Continue reading

The “Delicate” We Deserve. #DelicateMusicVideo


Okay, readers. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that I love Taylor Swift’s music. While she may be a problematic white female who calculates every move, weighing her self-interest over the greater good, the… Continue reading

A Year of Love, Lust, and Everything In-Between.


(To follow along musically, click play on this YouTube Playlist and start reading along)   Love. It’s this complicated emotion that truly makes the world go round. It’s what wars are fought over.… Continue reading

2017: The Music That Moved Me.


If anything, 2017 could be summed up in a few cliché words: challenging, tiring, and growth-inspiring. Like I USED to do, I want to take some time to appreciate one of the things… Continue reading

Reflections on an Impending Trump Presidency


Dear President-Elect Donald J. Trump, You’ve done the unthinkable. You’ve convinced a little more than half of the country that you’re the right man for the highest office of power in the world.… Continue reading

June Reflections: Pride, Minority Status, and Mass Shootings


Writing has been my coping method of choice in the past, and this ordeal has brought up so much. Bear with me. It’s Monday, June 13, 2016. Two days after one of the… Continue reading

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