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Bobby Jindal and the Case of the Nonexistent Hyphenated Indian-American


Bobby Jindal. Where do I start? I had a lot of faith in his abilities when he first campaigned to be governor in 2003 and even more when Kathleen Blanco failed so miserably… Continue reading

On the importance of focusing on the positives :)


It’s been a while | I know I shouldn’t have kept you waiting | But I’m here now Cheesy, I know, but I feel bad. Sorry for keeping y’all waiting. It’s been a rough couple… Continue reading

Why dating/talking to the bartender at your favorite bar is a no-go Pt. 2 #ATinderSeries


Click here to read my disclaimer regarding my dating posts. Click here to read Pt. 1! …So of course being the person I am and given that my friend wanted to get drinks… Continue reading

My Very-Own Disclaimer


So I’ve been getting feedback from friends and the subjects of some of my posts… And I figured it would be good to write a disclaimer as to why I even feel the… Continue reading

Why dating/talking to the bartender at your favorite bar is a no-go Pt. 1 #ATinderSeries


I mean, the title itself should be self-explanatory. Ever heard of the saying “Don’t shit where you eat?” So I used to go to this bar all the time. For the sake of… Continue reading

When In Vegas: Dancing Till The World Ends


Five friends and I embarked on a life-changing trip to Sin City. We realized very quickly just why people call it Sin City… Day 1 After finishing all of my tasks for the… Continue reading

Reflections On A Post-Grad Life, Pt. II


It’s been a while since I’ve done a post like this… And a lot has changed since then. With my contract expiring at LSU University Relations at the end of the month, I… Continue reading

2013 #YearInReview: Bringing on the #NewYear!


What can I say? It’s been a hell of a year. From traveling overseas, to graduating, to getting a full-time job, to traveling even more, to growing even closer to friends, to testing… Continue reading

#Adventures in #Nashville pt. 1: #EatSleepRaveRepeat


Two weekends ago, I traveled to the “birthplace of Country” (which is BS; Louisiana paved the way for country music way before Tennessee but the music gods wouldn’t allow Louisiana to be known… Continue reading

Third Time’s Supposed to be the charm, right? Pt. 3 #ATinderSeries


Click here for Pt. 2 ++++ After the great second date, I initiated conversation with J, but received unconvincing signs of interest. From here, things took a turn for the worst: I got… Continue reading

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