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2017: The Music That Moved Me.


If anything, 2017 could be summed up in a few cliché words: challenging, tiring, and growth-inspiring. Like I USED to do, I want to take some time to appreciate one of the things… Continue reading

June Reflections: Pride, Minority Status, and Mass Shootings


Writing has been my coping method of choice in the past, and this ordeal has brought up so much. Bear with me. It’s Monday, June 13, 2016. Two days after one of the… Continue reading

#MTVVMAs2014 Recap: @Beyonce steals the show. Again.


I feel like award ceremonies are just family affairs for @Beyonce and @S_C_ #MTVVMAs2014 — Harkeet Kittu Pannu (@KITTUPANNU) August 25, 2014 While last year’s VMA ceremony was quite controversial and exciting, this… Continue reading

2013 #YearInReview: Music Pt. 1


As the year comes to a close, so does a whole year of music. We went through a LOT of one-hit wonders and some songs that just wouldn’t leave us alone (see “Harlem… Continue reading

Lil’ Wayne’s “Love Me” hits all the right spots


“Love Me” Feat. Drake & Future, by Lil’ Wayne (I Am Not A Human Being II) “I really need somebody, so tell me you’re that somebody” From the obvious Aaliyah reference to the hypnotic… Continue reading

Song of the Moment: Doing It Wrong


Artist: Drake Song: “Doing It Wrong” Album: Take Care (debuted at No. 1, sold approx. 1.5 million as of Feb. 2012) Genre: R&B We live in a generation of | not being in love |… Continue reading

Bollywood and Hollywood clash in new film “Speedy Singhs”/”Breakaway”


Throughout the years, there have been MANY Hollywood-Bollywood crossover films, and while most of them sucked, there were some glimmers of hope. Well, now we are now surrounded by the same scenario: Hollywood… Continue reading

After Seven (7) Singles from an album…


So, my favorite Barbadan released a new video to accompany her new single “Cheers.” Recently, I feel like her singles have been hit-and-miss, with many of the older ones from her LP “Loud”… Continue reading

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