Kylie’s back! And sounding sexier than ever on ‘Skirt’ #SongOfTheMoment

Kylie Minogue SkirtTonight, be my supernova | take whatever you want. | Tonight, let me bask in you | like rays of the sun. | Tonight, I’m yours. | Tonight, we’re one.

Kylie Minogue, “Skirt”


A far cry from her last two releases, Kylie relies on her sexuality and pulsating beats to reintroduce her to American audiences with the “supernova” of dark pop, “Skirt.” Playing with the dirtier side of electropop, Kylie mixes her sticky-sweet voice with the sultry thumping of mainstream dubstep (sounding quite similar to David Guetta and Nick Romero’s outing “Metropolis”) and trance for a more niche offering compared to her tamer pop endeavors (see “Timebomb” and “Spinning Around“).

Just as her skirt comes down, Nom De Strip (producer) drops the beat and picks it back up to accentuate Kylie’s vocals. While the lyrics may not be revolutionary by any means, they mark a clear departure from Kylie’s old recording ways, paving the way for her to reinvent herself post-Roc Nation deal. Working with the likes of Stargate, Pharrell and Darkchild, I know she’ll be able to find something modern and different compared to her signature style, while not straying too far from the genre that has housed her for the past 8 years. It sounds as if she’s “falling down” from her squeaky-clean pop releases and trading it in for her more risqué back-catalogue, taking hints from her Body Language and even Kylie Minogue days… see “Slow,” “Confide In Me,” “Red Blooded Woman” and even the six-minute lounge masterpiece “Falling.”

While many artists choose to release singles that showcase vocal range and abilities, Kylie is one of a handful of performers who don’t have to rely heavily on vocal talents to sell a song; they’ve established themselves as pop culture staples (refer to Britney or Madonna). I mean, when you’ve had a career that has spanned four decades already, it’s really just about making fun music instead of a formulaic record. At this rate, Kylie could take a shit and release it and I’d still buy it… I know that whatever she does is of a high calibre (the only song I have ever regretted she do was that Wiggles collaboration, which even the most heinous combination of words could not even begin to describe how terrible it was).

Overall, the song may not be the most infectious, but I know I’ll be listening to it on repeat for months to come. I just can’t get Kylie out of my head

What do you think of the single? Hit or miss?


GRADE: ★★★★☆