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@TaylorSwift13 makes me feel all warm and fuzzy with ‘Begin Again’ #SongOfTheMoment


You throw your head back laughing like a little kid. | I think it’s strange that you think I’m funny because he never did. | I’ve been spending the last eight months |… Continue reading

The one #SpringBreak to rule them all #LSUinParis #StudyAbroad #ParisTrip


What a whirlwind of a week. From baguettes to the never ending vino to the amazing sights, Spring Break in Paris has been one of the best Spring Breaks I’ve had (it’s up… Continue reading

A Survival Guide For Dealing With People You Don’t Like


Love this article! Sums up everything my parents have told me.

Beyoncé is back and sassier than ever, y’all!


Out of nowhere, Beyoncé decides to drop new music today. A two-parter of sorts titled “Bow Down/I Been On” shows Bey not worrying about Parental Advisory labels and trading R&B flourishes for fresh… Continue reading

‘La Haine’ brings up the age-old battle for equality


If the French have mastered at least one thing, it’s definitely the art of protesting. “La Haine,” directed and written by Matthieu Kassovitz, is a film that explores the feelings and state of… Continue reading

Rights of the vulnerable… and what we can do #RapeCulture #Equality


So the Indian government announced in January that they’re creating a wrist watch that can alert local authorities of a distressful situation and send the coordinates so they can intervene. While this system… Continue reading

Afterparty reflections… and other musings at 2:30 a.m.


Do you ever have those great, fun, crazy, nothing-too-extraordinary-but-still-a-good-time nights? Nothing can bring you down; even a drunk girl spilling beer all over your suede shoes (which I was REALLY sad about, but… Continue reading

The Saturdays will (hopefully) hit mainstream success in US with #WhatAboutUs


“What About Us,” by The Saturdays (Chasing The Saturdays EP) From the first keyboard synth noise, music listeners know they’re going to be in for quite the melodic build-up on “What About Us.” Combining electro-pop… Continue reading

Lil’ Wayne’s “Love Me” hits all the right spots


“Love Me” Feat. Drake & Future, by Lil’ Wayne (I Am Not A Human Being II) “I really need somebody, so tell me you’re that somebody” From the obvious Aaliyah reference to the hypnotic… Continue reading

19 Ways To Make Me Fall In Love With You


Knock on wood, I’d like to think I do most of these already (whew)! Hopefully I will find someone who can do the same for me!

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