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The “Delicate” We Deserve. #DelicateMusicVideo


Okay, readers. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that I love Taylor Swift’s music. While she may be a problematic white female who calculates every move, weighing her self-interest over the greater good, the… Continue reading

2017: The Music That Moved Me.


If anything, 2017 could be summed up in a few cliché words: challenging, tiring, and growth-inspiring. Like I USED to do, I want to take some time to appreciate one of the things… Continue reading

Reflections on an Impending Trump Presidency


Dear President-Elect Donald J. Trump, You’ve done the unthinkable. You’ve convinced a little more than half of the country that you’re the right man for the highest office of power in the world.… Continue reading

June Reflections: Pride, Minority Status, and Mass Shootings


Writing has been my coping method of choice in the past, and this ordeal has brought up so much. Bear with me. It’s Monday, June 13, 2016. Two days after one of the… Continue reading

Bobby Jindal and the Case of the Nonexistent Hyphenated Indian-American


Bobby Jindal. Where do I start? I had a lot of faith in his abilities when he first campaigned to be governor in 2003 and even more when Kathleen Blanco failed so miserably… Continue reading

GRAMMYs 2014: Pharrell (and his hat) dominated the night


Word of caution: this is a LONG POST Between Producer of the Year-winning Pharrell Williams and Madonna‘s hat-wearing antics and Taylor Swift and Yoko Ono‘s care-free dancing, the show had a lot of great… Continue reading

Tom Daley and the importance of being honest with yourself


Today, people all over the globe (men and women alike) rejoiced as one of the most adorable athletes in the world announced yesterday that while he still “fancies” girls, he is in a… Continue reading

#VMAs2013 Recap: @MileyCyrus and @LadyGaGa go for shock, while @JTimberlake leaves us in awe


That show. From the multiple TSwift memes (reference her “Shut the F**K UP” to One Direction) to Miley Cyrus and Lady GaGa‘s “interesting” performances, the first half of the show was all shock.… Continue reading

UPDATED: Icona Pop are on repeat ‘All Night’


The gods have smiled on us: Icona Pop has released a legitimately good followup to their amazing “I Love It!” The parallels are obvious: it’s a repackaged version of “I Love It,” except without… Continue reading

#PoliticalChat: Obama and what this may mean for America


Obama gets reelected! The biggest political event this year just took place, and incumbent President Obama edged out contender Hon. Mitt Romney by 80 electoral votes. As compared to previous presidential races, this… Continue reading

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