#Throwback #SongoftheMoment Kylie’s ‘Spinning Around’ will have you feeling good in no time

“The mistakes that I made | Have given me the strength | To really believe. | And no matter how I take it | There’s no way I’m going to fake it, | ’cause it’s gotta be real. | I’ve got nothing left to hide | No reason left to fight | ’cause the truth’s given me | A new freedom inside | Getting rid of my desire. | Do you like what you see?

– Kylie Minogue, “Spinning Around”


Artist: Kylie Minogue

Song: “Spinning Around

Album: Light Years, released September 2000



One of my all-time favorite artists, Kylie Minogue can never really do wrong in my eyes (even when she’s trying to be sexy while still recycling the same beats that made her famous in the ’80s — please refer to the Let’s Get To It album (1993)). Whenever “Spinning Around” comes on, the positivity spinning off of this über-pop disco romp just lightens up my day.

Here’s a little history regarding this pop gem: this song came about as a reinvention of the Kylie persona. Before this song came out, Kylie had suffered from a couple of commercial flops; her past two albums (Kylie Minogue and Impossible Princess) did not fare as well critically compared to her other bodies of work. The issue most critics and pop enthusiasts had with those albums (which I personally adore) was its indie and more mature sound. Kylie had made a name for herself in the late ’80s and early ’90s singing damn good pop music; her singles were staples on the top 40 charts of Europe and Asia. But, in an effort to be taken more seriously as an artist (and probably to impress her then-boyfriend Nick Cave), her releases became less pop and more experimental — check out “Where the Wild Roses Grow.” Finally, Kylie decided to go back to her roots, and she created the show-stopper “Spinning Around.”

As seen in the “Did It Again” video, Kylie had played a couple of different personas during her career, including “Indie Kylie,” “Pop Kylie,” “Sex Kylie” and “Cute Kylie.”

Surprisingly, this song marks one of the few times Kylie has opened up crooned about her personal life (She’s notorious for not singing about her personal struggles, including her battle with cancer — refer to X). There’s a catch, though: she didn’t write this floor-filler; Paula Abdul did. The funny thing is that the lyrics pretty much fit Minogue’s life at that moment. The content of the song focuses on Minogue getting back to the basics, to what she knows people love about her. She wants to erase the image people may have had based on the past 6 years of her life.

The song itself is reminiscent of ’70s disco movement, with tinges of pop flavoring sprinkled into a sweet cupcake size. It’s just so sweet and groovy. I’ve always said, when it comes to dance music, it’s always best to sample the classic dance romps of the disco and ’80s pop era; theres a reason people used to dance to them!

Before I forget, I need to mention Kylie’s transformation into her flirty, gold-booty shorts-clad, self. Kylie looks damn good in the video. Especially as a 32-year-old (at the time), she puts most 18-year-olds to shame. The best part about the video is its carefree nature. It about hanging out at a club, hitting on attractive people and having fun. Side note: I’ve never seen someone get hit on by a girl who climbs over a sofa like Kylie does. If someone HAS seen this, please let me know, because I want to commend said person for trying to be a rockstar. Also, I have never been to a club that has just the right amount of people in it, à la this video; it’s always way too packed or too few people. My last complaint about my going-out experiences is that there are no girls who look like Kylie sitting on top of the bar; rather, if one of my friends tried to do that, they’d be kicked out immediately lol.

Kylie just laying around at a club. On a bar. The guy in the back is probably like “someone just buy her a drink already!”

But back to the matter at hand: “Spinning Around.” I really love this song because of its ability to pick up my mood no matter what. There’s just something so soothing about Kylie telling me about how she’s learned from her past mistakes and how she’s become a better person because of them. And of course it doesn’t hurt that there’s a slick dance groove for a melody. Even as I write this post, I can’t stop my self from moving my hips; it’s THAT infectious.

All in all, Kylie did well with this single. It got her back on the charts (and in pop culture’s heart), she got to show off her sexy side, and it prepared her to create the biggest song of her career: “Can’t Get You Out Of My Head,” which, incidentally, is how I heard about her in the first place!


GRADE: ★★★★★


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