#OutOfTheWoods: classic @TaylorSwift13 songwriting with subtle romantic references to drive us crazy :)

 You took a Polaroid of us | Then discovered | The rest of the world was black and white | But we were in screaming color | And I remember thinking… | Are we out of the woods yet? | Are we in the clear yet?

 – Taylor Swift, “Out of the Woods” from her forthcoming pop album 1989

Okay, so I have listened to the song about 20 times since I downloaded it last night. In normal TSwift fashion, it is catchy as hell. Think Charli XCX‘s “Boom Clap” intro flourish, take that melody and create an earworm of a chorus with it. So, yes, the song oozes sophisticated pop with a hint of good writing. Speaking of good writing, TSwift went back to what she does best: writing songs about boys. This time around, though, instead of ranting about the things they did wrong, and she did on previous hits like “We Are Never Getting Back Together” or “I Knew You Were Trouble.,” or even about letting the haters “hate, hate, hate, hate, hate, hate,” as she did on her recent No. 1 “Shake It Off,” Swift returns to discussing the pitfalls of love and relationships, explaining the ups and downs she her then-beau went through. Overall, legit songwriting from my Country Queen, especially after the banal but ultra-catchy “Shake” 🙂

So now the question all of you have… which guy is she writing about? At first listen, I thought she was referring to Taylor Lautner. The whole December thing was a big red flag, as he was the subject of her 2010 reflective sap-fest “Back To December.” I thought she was legit throwing it back all the way back to December, if you know what I mean (I’m so corny lol). But, after substantial analysis of her lyrics (procrastination at its finest), I realized she was talking about none other than everyone else‘s favorite 1D member, Harry Styles. It made sense. He has that stupid paper plane necklace to which she refers in the second verse and then there was the whole snowmobile accident she references in the bridge. I mean, I’m not really complaining. She really does make it easy to figure her out. It’s like she’s an artist that actually enjoys sharing a part of herself with her fans… Who’d have thunk?

Trouble in paradise: Swift and Styles called it quits after Styles left her stranded on a boat (cue “I’m On A Boat“).

Overall, Swift does not go into a full blame game on either side, instead choosing to chock the ended relationship up to being doomed from the beginning. It’s a sweet and hypnotic song that is sure to hit the top spot 🙂 #OutOfTheWoodsAndOntoNo1


RATING: ★★★★