Just Another Sexual Assault

Totally agree with this. It’s sad that people go straight to blaming the victim.

La Vie est Belle

So this is totally different from what the blog has been about, I’m no longer in Paris and this is no longer vacation, but bear with me. Today I read one of the most disturbing things. No it wasn’t about Ebola or ISIS, it was about something that happened less than a mile from my home. LSU PD emailed the entire LSU student body about an incident involving a young girl and multiple boys. She was grabbed while running on West Lakeshore Dr. near Lod Cook and raped by one of the boys while the rest watched.

After reading this I was infuriated. I was infuriated for so many reasons. Why is rape not a big deal? Why isn’t this an issue that everyone is concerned about? Why isn’t LSU PD taking more precautions in areas that seem to cause the most security problems? Why is this just another sexual…

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