Promiscuous sex? There’s an app for that!


After stumbling upon (actually just opening my AdWeek daily newsletter) an article entitled “Founders say app is less focused on sex,” I just had to stop everything I was doing and read what… Continue reading

Google +: FTW or just another terrible idea?


After reading this article about how Google + is failing in the identity department, it got me thinking about just how dependent I am on certain programs and sites. For example, my dependence on GoogleDocs, GoogleTalk,GoogleChat and… Continue reading

Social Media sites to be new hotspots in viewing films and video content


As part of a semester assignment of my MC 4971 Digital Branding course at Louisiana State University, I have to follow several major entities and discuss their digital presence. One of my subjects… Continue reading

Leona Lewis Takes on Ocean, Electronic Producers in New Single


Is it just me, or did Leona Lewis become more gorgeous than usual? In her new flick for her now really old relatively new single “Collide,” Lewis teams up with Ethan Lader to create a visual spectacle.… Continue reading

From Cassettes to iTunes: How Music Selection Has Changed in 20 Years


It’s funny how the way people used to listen to music only 20 years ago has radically changed. I remember back-in-the-day when if you wanted to listen to a specific song on a… Continue reading

After Seven (7) Singles from an album…


So, my favorite Barbadan released a new video to accompany her new single “Cheers.” Recently, I feel like her singles have been hit-and-miss, with many of the older ones from her LP “Loud”… Continue reading

First one…


Wow. As I was looking at pictures of my past, I suddenly came to the realization: I have A LOT to be thankful for. I know it may come off as a little… Continue reading

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