Quote of the Day


“Parents: they mean well…” – Joanna Zimmerman

Quote of the Week


“Never lower your standards. You’re the only one who will be disappointed.” – Kittu Pannu

Facebook changes it up. Again. Introducing the new Timeline


Facebook is redoing its layout… again. This time, they are focusing on people’s individual profiles and highlighting posts and events they feel were integral parts of that person’s life. While I fully believe… Continue reading

Bollywood and Hollywood clash in new film “Speedy Singhs”/”Breakaway”


Throughout the years, there have been MANY Hollywood-Bollywood crossover films, and while most of them sucked, there were some glimmers of hope. Well, now we are now surrounded by the same scenario: Hollywood… Continue reading

Brand Spankin’ New: Kelly Clarkson’s video for “Mr. Know It All” – Simplicity and Attitude=Relative Greatness


Wow, it’s been a long time since Ms. Kelly Clarkson has released a single… The last time I remember was when OneRepublic frontman and relative musical genius Ryan Tedder recycled beats for both Clarkson… Continue reading

Brand Spankin’ New: Rihanna single proves what NOT to do in electro collabs


So, Rihanna’s new single “We Found Love” leaked. And yes, it features the sometimes full of himself amazing Calvin Harris. But just because you add two epic ingredients of music into a pot… Continue reading

Too many characters dying and coming back to life, True Blood finale caps off sub-par season 4


In an effort to conclude a less than impressive (in True Blood standards) season, HBO pulled out all the stops for its Season 4 finale this Sunday. Usually a high point in many… Continue reading

Promiscuous sex? There’s an app for that!


After stumbling upon (actually just opening my AdWeek daily newsletter) an article entitled “Founders say app is less focused on sex,” I just had to stop everything I was doing and read what… Continue reading

Google +: FTW or just another terrible idea?


After reading this article about how Google + is failing in the identity department, it got me thinking about just how dependent I am on certain programs and sites. For example, my dependence on GoogleDocs, GoogleTalk,GoogleChat and… Continue reading

Social Media sites to be new hotspots in viewing films and video content


As part of a semester assignment of my MC 4971 Digital Branding course at Louisiana State University, I have to follow several major entities and discuss their digital presence. One of my subjects… Continue reading

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