Song of the Moment: Coming home from the bars has never been so much fun with ‘Baby Come Home’


I got no doubt | That would be just fine | If you were living without me | I just can’t let you start it tonight… – Jake Shears, “Baby Come Home” —– Artist: Scissor Sisters… Continue reading

Song of the Moment: Nelly Furtado has some ‘Big Hoops’ to fill…


I can move fast, I can move slow, | I can go places nobody else goes. | Everybody say hey, they goin’ at it all night and day… – Nelly Furtado, “Big Hoops (Bigger The Better)”… Continue reading

Song of the Moment: Night Drive


Take me, break me | Every mile further there’s a part of me that slips away. | One day, you’ll see | Even if you got down on your knees you couldn’t make me stay.… Continue reading

Song of the Moment: Doing It Wrong


Artist: Drake Song: “Doing It Wrong” Album: Take Care (debuted at No. 1, sold approx. 1.5 million as of Feb. 2012) Genre: R&B We live in a generation of | not being in love |… Continue reading

Song Of The Moment: Girl Gone Wild


Artist: Madonna Song: “Girl Gone Wild” Album: MDNA, to be released March 26, 2012 —- Damn. Madonna is never going to get old… At least musically. After the floptastic football-frenzied, cheerleader-inspired “Give Me All… Continue reading

Song of the Moment: Whitney Edition


With Ms. Houston’s death so fresh in my head, I have gone back through her expansive discography to commemorate her immense talent. There are too many songs that would fit the mold for… Continue reading

Song of the Moment: Top of the World Feat. DEV


Artist: The Cataracs Song: “Top of the World” Feat. DEV Album: 12, to be released March 2012 I finally got to listen to this song in its entirety after going through the plethora of music I… Continue reading

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