Songs of 2012: Nos. 5-1


This is a continuation of my “Songs of 2012” posting… And on to the TOP 5: 5) “Let’s Go” Feat. Ne-Yo, by Calvin Harris (18 Months) When this song comes on, I know… Continue reading

Songs of 2012: Nos. 25-6


25) “Choomantar” – From Mere Brother Ki Dulhan Soundtrack 24) “30 Days,” by The Saturdays (Album TBA) 23) “Lovesong,” by Adele (21) 22) “I Found A Boy,” by Adele (21) 21) “Let’s Have A… Continue reading

Will.I.Am proves he can regurgitate previous hits with “Scream & Shout”


Artist: Will.I.Am Song: “Scream & Shout” Feat. Britney Spears Album: #Willpower, due out at some point in Will.I.Am’s career —– —– Let me start by saying while I LOVE everything Britney does, this… Continue reading

#Throwback #SongoftheMoment Kylie’s ‘Spinning Around’ will have you feeling good in no time


“The mistakes that I made | Have given me the strength | To really believe. | And no matter how I take it | There’s no way I’m going to fake it, |… Continue reading

@Rihanna shines bright on the genre-refracting #Diamond #SongOfTheMoment


“Find light in the beautiful sea | I choose to be happy | You and I, you and I | We’re like diamonds in the sky You’re a shooting star I see | A vision of ecstasy | When you hold me, I’m… Continue reading

Ke$ha actually sings on ‘Die Young…’ For a second. #SongOfTheMoment


“Looking for some trouble tonight | Take my hand, I’ll show you the wild side | Like it’s the last night of our lives | We’ll keep dancing ’til we die.” – Ke$ha,… Continue reading

Lifehouse teams up with UK songstress Natasha Bedingfield to deliver the chillingly beautiful ‘Between the Raindrops’ #SongOfTheMoment


Walking between the raindrops | Riding the aftershock we stand cool | Off into the sunset | Living like there’s nothing left to lose | Chasing after gold mines | Crossing the fine lines we knew | Hold on and… Continue reading

#Sugababes classic will make your enemies feel ‘Blue’ #SongOfTheMoment #ThrowbackThursdays


—– “What you were all about | Trying to use me but your game ran out | You can’t take advantage of me | My eyes are open now | Trying to use me to get into my crowd | You’re all about… Continue reading

Song of the Moment: You’ll be telling your ex to “Blow Me (One Last Kiss)”


—– “I think that life’s too short for this | I’ll pack my ignorance and bliss | I think I’ve had enough of this | Blow me on last kiss” – P!nk, “Blow Me (One… Continue reading

Song of the Moment: breathy and chilled-out, ‘Crystalised’ definitely sets The XX apart from the rest


“You’ve applied the pressure, | To have me crystallized. | And you’ve got the faith, | That I could bring paradise. | I’ll forgive and forget, | Before I’m paralyzed. | Do I have to keep up the pace,… Continue reading

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