About Me

Born and raised in New Orleans, La., I have a unique perspective based on my diverse background of Southern Hospitality and Indian-Malaysian identity. Combining these characteristics with a cosmopolitan and modern lifestyle, I try to write down my different and unique perspective for my dwindling, minuscule audience. As a PR and Film & Media Arts graduate from Louisiana State University’s Honors College, I strive to create and implement the most engaging and innovative campaigns for those I work with, and when I’m not catching up on sleep or just have a moment to update you on the latest music or film I’ve experienced, I’m living my life. This blog is the culmination of me. All of me.

Currently, Baton Rouge, La., is where I call home, but that is subject to change at any moment. I love all things pop culture, music, film, food, etc.

While this page may not change much over time, this one does, since I will post my many (mis-)adventures. Check it out and let me know if you have any advice as I stumble through relationships, musical faux-pas, social media fads and everything that hits me on this journey called life.