Selena sounds effortless, mature on #GoodForYou

Almost as a continuation of her new sound, Selena Gomez delivers a “Heart Wants What It Wants” 2.0 in the form of her new single “Good For You.”

Serving up a minimalist flow with chilled out vibes, Gomez croons about appreciating and doing things that would please her love. She discusses the merits of wearing her beau’s favorite dress, “doing her hair real nice,” and taking her special someone (not the Biebs) “there” (I’m guessing the “there” is a really good place to be with Gomez). It’s a departure from the beat-driven Cataracs-produced “Slow Down” and “Birthday” from her Stars Dance LP, but keeps in line with her signature style of innovative pop. It’s as if Gomez listened to Ariana Grande‘s “Love Me Harder” and The Weeknd‘s “Often” a million times and attempted to emulate that contemporary minimalist lo-fi sound, resulting in the perfect combination of hypnotic and genius.

The best part about the song is just how effortless Gomez transitions through the various parts of the song. From the first flourish of computerized organs to A$AP Rocky‘s quite listenable rap efforts (which definitely does not surprise me),”Good For You” in itself commands the attention of the listener. Gomez has the chance to cement her chart supremacy and reveal her musical prowess, proving that she is indeed more than just a beautiful singing voice. If this is an indication of the sound of her next LP, I’m quite excited to see how things will turn out.


GRADE: ★★★★☆