#PrettyGirls finally releases; remains on repeat ;) #WereJustSoPretty

Okay okay. It IS true that “these men are from Mars,” and yes, it’s why “they act so bizarre” – I mean, here’s your proof… But one thing is for sure. From the first listen, this Britney SpearsI-G-G-Y collaboration gets stuck in one’s head, rendering the listener incapable of doing anything but gyrating and trying to break it down inappropriately. You know why? It’s because when “the girls roll up, the windows roll down.” That’s why everyone and their mother will have this song stuck in their heads.

Everyone after listening to #PrettyGirls.

Real talk: the more urban-sounding #PrettyGirls incorporates iconic singing-rap collaboration rules, almost as if it’s following a blueprint (of success). That’s what makes this song sound so familiar yet so borderline fresh. Think “1, 2 Step” by Ciara and Missy Elliott crossed with what you’d expect “Fancy 2.0” (Iggy’s breakout summer jam made possible by one of pop’s most amazing songwriters of last year Charli XCX) with a sprinkle of recent hits like “Drop That Kitty” by Ty Dolla $ign, Tinashé, and Charli XCX, and last year’s smash “Problem,” Ariana Grande‘s breakout bolstered by the Iggy-Igs. In line with this, BritBrit sounds as if she were emulating the signature Charli snarl, especially when she exclaims at the end of the chorus, “We’re just so prettay!” The song is also reminiscent of previous Britney R&B-heavy hits like “Boys (The Co-Ed Single Mix)” with Pharrell Williams, “Outrageous,” or that annoying “Scream & Shout (HitBoy Remix)” with like fifty rappers. In other words, “Pretty Girls” could comfortably fit in BritBrit’s canon.

BritBrit being more urban.

Onto the merits of the song itself: it’s definitely a song that you can hear BritBrit just having fun while recording this song. While it’s no “3,” “Piece Of Me,” or hell evenToxic,” the song has the potential to ride the coat tails of its famous parents all the way to the top spot. It’s perfect for starting the night off: rolling up to the parties and clubs (or whatever summer night activity planned that evening). Lyrically, it’s simple enough to have people singing along quickly, not to mention its status as a bonafide earworm. And, in terms of learning, I’m sure the choreography in the video will be on-point and kickass in its own way).

Overall, between this collaboration and her recent one with THE Giorgio Moroder (one of the fathers of electronica – listen to their remake of the iconic “Tom’s Diner“), I’m very excited for BritBrit to put the relative disaster that was the result of a record company entrusting Will.I.Am to push Britney in a radio-friendly crapfest that she is so much better than instead of what was supposed to become BLACKOUT 2.0 Britney Jean behind her and just make fun music again. With BritBrit gaining her confidence back as a performer and actually promoting things and not looking like she’s just going through the motions, I have high hopes for this new era 🙂

You betta Work, Bitch!


GRADE: ★★★☆☆

Aggravation with Iggy Factor: ★★☆☆☆ (not as aggravating as she can be – but I think she scored lower here because of Brit’s inclusion)

Excitement regarding Britney and her recent string of collaborations: CANNOT BE MEASURED