The Ferguson Masterpost: How To Argue Eloquently & Back Yourself Up With Facts

This gives you all the answers and rebuttals you’ll need to survive a #Ferguson talk. Just wish I had read this before Thanksgiving… #AwkwardConversationsWithFamilyMembers

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Introduction From The Curator

NOTE 11/29/14: Thanks to all the folks sharing, commenting, and helping us correct typos, inaccuracies, and the like! Keep it coming! Also please note that I’m not on my computer 24/7, so sometimes it can take a bit for me to get a chance to update this. 

The only kind of bombs I fully support are truth-bombs, and that’s why I’ve come together with a group of POC and select White allies to write this post. We feel it’s critical to have conversations about social justice loudly, noticeably, personally as well as systemically, and eloquently*—in this case, specifically around Ferguson, #stoptheparade, #BlackLivesMatter, #IndictAmerica, and all the myriad things happening right now around police brutality and the devaluing of Black lives. We need to connect our struggles and see where they intersect, while not pretending that we all face the same issues (today I’m lookin’ at…

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