Gwen Stefani just wants some simple honesty. #BabyDontLie #Reviews

We’ve been walking down this road some time | And you love, and you love me good, no lie | But there’s something behind | those eyes, those eyes | That you can’t, that you can’t disguise

 – Gwen Stefani, “Baby Don’t Lie”

Gwen Stefani just wants her lover to know that she values her honesty. It’s a return to form, after nearly 7 years of no new solo Stefani music. I love that she utilizes an intro for the beginning of the song: it’s all instrumentation and Gwen feeling the song, as if Gwen is getting us ready to hear the fun, bouncing melody that is this song. It’s a great song for Gwen to flail around the stage while performing. Obviously in a sexy rocker chick way, as she always does. With its repetitive nature, simple lyrics and anthemic melody, it’s a shoe-in for pop music success. Lyrically, it’s straight-forward. Don’t lie to Gwen when she asks you a question. Be direct and tell her what she wants to know. Because she can tell when you’re trying to front, y’all.

In terms of the song itself, it’s different from her previous forays into solo pop stardom. Before, she used to focus on dance-pop and hip-hop, as was the case with hits like “What You Waiting For,” “Crash” and “Wind It Up.” This time around, it sounds as if Gwen jumped on the electronic-rock sound she explored with her band No Doubt on their previous LP and combined it with Coldplay‘s signature sound from Viva La Vida and Mylo Xyloto. Think “Princess In China” meets “Settle Down.”

“Princess of China” Feat. Rihanna:

“Settle Down:”

It sounds like a continuation in sound from No Doubt’s musical collaboration, with a tribal-beachy vibe. Think some of No Doubt’s classics like “Start The Fire” and my personal favorite “Underneath It All,” if “Underneath” had been sped up with a Red Bull  (or some upper) added to it – “Baby Don’t Lie” is a bit more high-E than “Underneath.” I ‘m expecting a lot of sand and Hawaiian luau choreography for this video.

Overall, it’s a great way to start shaping her musical conversation. Especially when comparing it to her previous competition Fergie‘s latest single, “L.A.Love,” Gwen hit all the right notes (“L.A.Love” is just a reinterpretation of an atlas set to a pretty awesome beat – Fergie Ferg calls out her favorite cities of the world; but hey, it beats her misspelling “TASTY” again). Is Gwen’s song relatively forgettable? Yes. Will we probably forget it in a couple of months, maybe. But, it is still a great way to get the masses to take a second look at Gwen before she wows them with her musical genius.


Song GRADE: ★★¾☆☆