26 Teachers Tell Awesome, Awkward Stories Of Students Having Crushes On Each Other

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Man, this is embarrassing to read. Haven’t we all done this at some point at school? I’ll tell you mine — I was crushing on a girl, like super hard, in elementary school. My fourth grade teacher obviously saw this and paired me up with her every single time. God bless you, Mrs. Mahoney. If you want to read more awkward instances of teachers noticing students crushing on each other, check this Reddit out. Do you feel the memories coming back?


1. Maybe this is how self-confidence is lost at an early age

Former 6th grade teacher here. I was there to witness one of my kids take his first big leap: at lunch, he asked the girl he had a crush on “will you go on a date with me?” She smiled and said yes. Immediately, the boy on the other side of her said, “Don’t go…

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