Shaki’s #Dare May lead to electrifying reckless behavior on the dancefloor

Dare La La La


Is it true that you love me? | I dare you to kiss me | with everyone watching | it’s truth or dare on the dance floor…

 – Shakira, “Dare (La La La)” from Shakira.


Shakira may be the queen of unrequited love and break-up anthems, but if she has proven anything on her latest outing Shakira., it is that she knows how to tease a guy to bend to her will. Enticing a potential lover to show his devotion to the Columbian songstress, Shaki challenges her new conquest to play truth or dare with her out in the open (almost a little bit “let’s reveal a secret relationship”-esque).

With a kickass and electrifying melody, Shakira delivers the simple yet effective lyrics with such gusto I found myself screaming singing in key on first listen. The funny part is that I’m surprised Shakira has to try to get her love interest to show affection in public. I mean, if I were with her, it would be tasteful hand-holding and public pecks when applicable. Keeping it classy at all times, obvi (shoutout to an old friend from NYC who introduced “obvi” into my vocab – Uyen, my other friends hate you for doing this lol)!

But, alas, this public display of affection that Shakira craves is something I feel many of us can relate to. It’s one thing to know within yourself that you have that one special person, but it is definitely reassuring to feel “wanted” by someone in front of other people. And this sudden and shocking attraction, almost “love at first sight”-esque, is a fleeting feeling running rampant in my generation. It must be a maturity thing.

I mean, “your eyes got me drunk when I was sober.” We have ALL been there.

In terms of promotion for her Self-titled LP, with “Can’t Remember To Forget You” as the obvious cash-in on a collab with Rihanna to make Shakira’s amazing musical talents relevant again and re-energize the masses to get excited for her music, Shakira chose wisely. There was no other song on this LP that could really pack the “listen to me, bitch” punch Shakira packed on that single. And of course “Empire” is such an ethereal beautiful beautiful ballad. A classic yet contemporary bliss that confirmed to all of us just why we love her to begin with. I mean, that song is just the right amount of production and experimentation while all the while sounding perfectly in-sync with the rest of her back catalogue. And the video (as usual) is gorgeous. Shaki nailed it.

But “Dare” is that one song that can move albums (or get the consumer to hit the download button). It’s just the right amount of mindless pop and lustfulness mixed with Shakira’s anthemic and large presence. No one could even try to pull off a song this big. Not even my darling BritBrit. Her closest hit would be “Till the World Ends,” which is way too dark electro when compared to this gem. It’s just so fun and catchy.

In terms of the video, though, Shaki – leave the empty fields and locations that plague the beginning of the video to “Empire.” They belong there. Once other people started following you and dancing, that’s when the video started picking up. But, I kind of expected more (in the same way I expected more from Katy Perry‘s “Birthday” – great song but not-so-great video).

I’m sure Shakira will be singing all the way to the bank while the rest of us make terrible terrible mistakes in clubs all over the world. Thank you, Shakira, for giving all of us another reason to meet beautiful strangers and make our hips tell the truth 🙂

(I’ll leave you with “Hips Don’t Lie,” Shaki’s BIGGEST hit to date – the song went No. 1 in over 55 countries!)



GRADE: ★★★☆☆