An end of an era: “How I Met Your Mother” and #ParasocialBreakups. Not as #LEGENDARY a finale as you’d think

The final two episodes just made me really sad :(

The final two episodes just made me really sad 😦

Okay so thanks to social media spoilers Monday night, I found out that everything I expected (and totes called) back at the end of season four or five actually happened on the finale of How I Met Your Mother BEFORE I actually watched the last two episodes. So thank you friends – I hate ALL of you. Not really, but I definitely disliked each of you thoroughly for a good two hours.

One of my favorite moments of the show…

Now the show itself

…was one of those that was definitely fresh for the first six seasons but then started to lose some of its steam from then on. I could tell that they were realizing they had to actually show us how Ted met the mother of his children. And I mean, it was definitely fun to see all of the gang’s crazy shenanigans, but life is not necessarily a never-ending carousel of hook ups (as was the case for Barney Stinson). No, there was more to it. And the writers and producers tried hitting on those harder topics in the later seasons. While they were not the smoothest operators (thank you, Sade) when it came to introducing such sad story lines, the realistic portrayal of life’s hardships were appreciated. It reminded me a bit of how Will & Grace was those last couple of seasons: still pretty good, but barely hanging into the remnants of a stellar plot. It was much appreciated and those who had sat through from the beginning would still trek on, hoping and praying for something noteworthy to happen…

And then the inevitable happened: the LONGEST wedding in television history. A WHOLE FUCKING SEASON. Why would you do that? I mean, it was great to tie up all of the loose ends, but really? A whole season? Three episodes dedicated to this plot device would have been sufficient and totally acceptable. Hell, even a half-season would have been okay. But the WHOLE season? I was really sad when I found that out. But again, I kept watching on, being the dedicated fan I am (and having nothing to do with my imaginary OCD… the fact that I like to finish things I start).

And then that ending. (SPOILERS)

Really? Ted and Robin? Tracy dies? Barney and Robin not making it past two years? I mean were you TRYING to say that long, strung-out, elaborate weddings don’t last? If that’s the case, I’m getting married in a court house (my parents will be VERY happy about that lol). But, the way the show ended was just appalling. Everything is in disarray. And Ted is literally RIGHT BACK WHERE HE STARTED. Not cool, writers, not cool.

That damn blue french horn!

And also, way to not leave any room for a potential Barney spinoff. Really sad about that. I mean, I know that it probably would not have lasted more than three seasons TOPS, and syndication requires four seasons (100 episodes), but still, you’d have some programming built in… I just was not ready to say goodbye to characters that I hated, loved, felt, understood, could predict… I saw the personality traits of my friends in this gang. And it was fun to see them acting out similar situations that my friends and I tend to find ourselves in (btw, peeps, this is the epitome of a PSR – Parasocial Relationship).

So yes, like millions of others around the world, I am currently suffering from a parasocial breakup (PSB). I’ve already had countless shows break my heart when they got canceled or not just ended. FRIENDS, Will & Grace, The OC (actually just after Marissa died – I never watched the last season because I refused to subject myself to that torture), Lizzie McGuire (I know I know, it’s embarrassing, but it was so true back in the day), Boy Meets World, Charmed, The Sopranos, Nip/Tuck, the list goes on. What can you do when these characters disappear from your life altogether? Await the film? Tried that with Sex and The City. The first film was bearable, but the second one was atrocious and made me ashamed to call myself an American… That whole Samantha Jones and her shorts (and condoms) in the marketplace scene… I was cringing so much inside :(.

Back to #HIMYM…

All we can do is just pick up with our lives. And learn. Learn from Ted and the rest of the gang’s mistakes. Don’t live your life in a cycle. Make every day unique and worth it. Or else you’ll be twenty years older and going after the same pipe dream. And friends, that is way too depressing.

Side note: BuzzFeed did a nice little round-up chock-full of spoilers if you’re into that.

Accept the challenge. Make every day (as Barney would say) LEGEN- wait for it… DARY!