My Very-Own Disclaimer

So I’ve been getting feedback from friends and the subjects of some of my posts… And I figured it would be good to write a disclaimer as to why I even feel the need to post about dating and relationships.

First of all, these are my stories, my perspective. This blog is a reflection on my opinions and how I feel. It is an honest account of how things affect me, unless stated otherwise.

Also, I know when I screw up. I state it in the post. I own up to the mistakes I see. This is not a reflection on how “I’m so perfect” and never mess anything up. I’m definitely FAAAARRR from perfect. I take responsibility for my actions.

Thirdly, this blog is therapeutic for me. Writing has always been an outlet for me. Whether it is a creative one, critical one or even and intellectual one, I have loved to recount adventures and will continue to write about things that interest me. I will continue to write about the things that are not perfect. Things I need to work on. Things that I may not fully grasp yet. And this definitely includes dating.

So, readers, subjects of my posts, people in general: know that I discuss things on here from my perspective. Reach out if you have concerns; don’t vent and talk nonsense outside. And the people who I am discussing on here should know that I am very willing to have those conversations. Thank you 🙂


One of my favorite disclaimers of all time. #SouthPark #NoApologies

One of my favorite disclaimers of all time. #SouthPark #NoApologies