@TheJessieJames shows us that you CAN have it all by releasing pretty awesome debut single “Wanted” #Throwback

Song: “Wanted” by Jessie James

From the first “whooo-hoo-hoo,” Jessie enchants audiences, both country and pop alike, when crooning on her hit single “Wanted.” She feels most comfortable when delivering those raunchy lyrics, especially when compared to her other misfires. The best part about this is her voice. It’s not the best by any means but it definitely fits the song. Whether her signature scowl is bearing down the melody or accentuating a hook, Jessie utilizes her voice to accompany this euphoric teenage adventure from beginning to completion.

Through lyrics about the most attractive qualities she may have to offer her suitor to the the obvious pop beats that permeate throughout this country-wannabe jam, Jessie shows just what it may take to become wanted by someone attractive. She also makes a strong case for debut country-crossover fame. While I think she should definitely have included wit and intelligence in her list of things women should have in order for girls to find a date with guys with similar tastes, I have to agree that most of what she said is pretty spot on… I mean, what potential suitor wouldn’t love to see me in cut-off jeans? Lol.

I’m sure Jessie James’ many suitors of the past would have loved to see her in cut-off jeans… She’s gorgeous.

One thing the song doesn’t address is how those who don’t rely on their looks can get dates, but who really relies solely on physical qualities to get dates (i.e.: the rest of the world)? Are these people really going to be reading MY blog? I doubt it.

But yes, for the other mere mortals who have to have a full-package offering, Jessie only covers the parts of the package that entice the suitor, not the full spectrum that keep the potential suitor in play. NERD ALERT It’s like throwing a wizard into the Battle of Hogwarts without a wand. It’s nice that you’re there to help defend the good guys and all, but it makes no logical sense for you to not be able to kill/disarm death eaters. And this situation would usually require some learned skill or at least a flick of a wand. You’ll just be dead weight and an added concern to those who did come prepared. It is in this comparison that I bring intelligence into the conversation… Jessie is part of the one percent that has the ability to look gorgeous wearing a garbage can. It’s just how she was packaged born. There is nothing multiple surgeries we can do about lot looking that amazing lol.

And cash in she did. Jessie James had a fairy tale marriage to one of NFL’s most eligible bachelors: Eric Decker.

And I believe the video for this song, along with her immense talent (she CAN sing… Whether she is a legitimate country star is a different story) is what has helped her land that football player (the gorgeous Eric Decker) and television show. It just goes to show: if you want to land that footballer, a tv show and become financial sound for the foreseeable future, you need to release a single about being the singular desire of the one you want, hinting that the things you will do once that person becomes yours. And of course have some sort of talent and be beautiful beyond words.


GRADE: ★★★★½