The Taylor Swift Dilemma: Real Vs. Digital Honesty

This is amazing. And it pretty much sums up why I love TSwift so much. You have to give it to her for her honesty.

Thought Catalog

The Taylor Swift dilemma is real. She’s been on the scene now for 8 years, and we’ve seen her through a myriad of high-profile relationships, each one more monitored and criticized than the last. I always feel a tinge of sympathy for her when I see articles bashing the release of her latest single through endless speculation concerning the male subject of the song and painting her as a needy, whiney man-eater.

Here’s the thing: I am her. She is me. She is all of my friends at one point or another in our dating lives. I frequently find myself tired of the boy I just met last week. Life takes me from one city to another and relationships come and go quickly. Some end in the nicest goodbyes, and others leave me crying and watching The Notebook alone in my room on repeat for months.

I wish I could…

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