Shakira and Rihanna can’t seem to forget how to make smash hits with ’80s-inspired #CantRememberToForgetYou

I left a note on my bedpost | Said not to repeat | Yesterday’s mistakes | What I tend to do | When it comes to you |I see only the good | Selective memory | The way he makes me feel, yeah | Gotta hold on me | I’ve never met someone so different | Oh here we go | He’s a part of me now | He’s a part of me | So where you go I follow, follow, follow | Oh, oh, oooh, oh | Oh, oh, oooh, oh | I can’t remember to forget you

 – Shakira & Rihanna, “Can’t Remember To Forget You

Shakira is back in full force with the help of my fave Rihanna on new single “Can’t Remember To Forget You.” Infused with throwback memories, Shakira’s trademark coo-ing and a flare of both divas’ femme fatale personalities, “Can’t Remember” takes the sound Shakira is known for and gives it a more Top-40 vibe. Think an updated “Roxanne” by The Police (à la Bruno Mars‘ “Locked Out Of Heaven“), crossed with Shaki’s “Don’t Bother” and “She Wolf” and even sprinkled with a bit of RiRi’s “No Love Allowed” from Unapologetic and Lily Allen‘s “Hard Out Here” (melody only).

The lyrics are too true to form. It’s really quite hard to forget those loves infatuations, no matter how fleeting. And the best part is that both Shaki and RiRi put all of their vulnerability we have grown to love on the table. I’m talking some “Mon Amour“/”What Now” type of vulnerability. It’s the emotion that makes me connect even more with them in this song. We have all experienced these significant others/insignificant others who we would really “do anything for.” Take the last one of significance that I was involved with. It happens.

Overall, I’m quite happy with how the song turned out. It’s a positive and happier affair when compared to Shaki’s more famous duet with Beyoncé, “Beautiful Liar,” but it really does not pack I am unsure if it packs the punch that 2007 superhit had. Only time will tell. I do know that I have played it over 47 times within the past week. And that’s a lot.

I’ll leave you with “Beautiful Liar” and RiRi & Britney‘s “S&M” and you can tell me which of all of the collaborations is the best:


GRADE: ★★★½☆