21 Things To Look For In The Person You Marry

Beautiful. This list, while cheesy as hell, is a pretty good check list for your significant other. If the person you are currently dating (and hopefully want to marry) breaks any of these things, be wary that things may be a bit more rocky than they would otherwise. Personally, I think finding someone who can fit this bill is the best case scenario. When I look at the most successful relationships around me, they tend to fall into this type of pattern.

Just remember, Friends, it’s out there! 😉

Thought Catalog

1. The kind of inside jokes that make you crack up just by looking at each other, and that you think of while you’re alone (and which make you laugh like an insane person in line at the grocery store).

2. Respect for your family when they come to meet them, even if they’re not best friends right away or wouldn’t choose to hang out with them. They should come into your life with an open heart.

3. The ability to make your friends laugh.

4. At least one hobby or interest that they are passionate about, that you don’t have to be present for. Drinking does not count.

5. Respect for your interests and hobbies, even if they’re not personally into them.

6. Good finances. They don’t have to be rich, they just can’t be incredibly irresponsible with credit cards and hiding their debt…

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