2013 #YearInReview: Music Pt. 2

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And now we have the top 10. These songs have been present on most of my playlists this year. And if you have driven with me anywhere, I’ve probably blared any of these songs and belted them out while you sat praying for the end to come. Check out where things fell in the end:

10 AND 9.) played 151 times

Where do I begin? I first heard this song when I watched the first episode of The Mindy Project, and I was truly blown away by the juxtaposition of girls being empowered and doing them how they’d like with Middle Eastern influences. Amazing. And to protest how women are being treated in countries where they are oppressed. Flawless. M.I.A., you killed it.

God I love this song. It truly encompassed the feelings associated with the film and novel. Click here to read my write-up on the song.

8.) played 153 times

Selena Gomez put herself out there with this one. She changed the game up and showed everyone that she’s a force to be reckoned with in the pop realm. This is no next single from a Disney princess; this was a game-changer. And it didn’t hurt that she incorporated tablas and Bollywood beats and choreography. And, of course, the video is breathtaking. Selena, you’re gorgeous. Click here to read my (brief) write-up on the video.

7.) played 166 times

After having a baby and kind of just falling to the back of the pop diva pack, Fergie came out of nowhere and slayed. She really knows how to get the party started, Fergalicious-style. The only thing that could have made this song any better would have been adding Fergie to perform it during the film. But, alas, the party scene was not as extravagant as I expected it to be, as I wrote earlier this year. Click here to read my write-up on the song.

6.) played 189 times

It’s Britney, bitch. Click here to read my write-up on the song.

5.) played 190 times

  • “We Can’t Stop” by Miley Cyrus (both the original and the DJ Scooter Twerk remix)

This truly was the year of Miley. She shed her Disney image with such ferocity that Hannah Montana had no idea what hit her. Seeing as the last single we had heard from her was “Who Owns My Heart,” which sounded like an over-processed preteen dream, “We Can’t Stop” was a welcomed assault on our musical psyche, a calm and chilled out melody in the midst of the EDM storm that occupied the charts during 2013. It was with such ease that Miley graced us with her presence, making it seem as if she had always belonged there. And it was her most catchy song since “Party In The USA.” Click here to read my write-up on her VMAs performance.

4.) played 197 times

If “Come & Get It” brought Selena to the forefront of the pop landscape, this Cataracs production shut up all of the haters. The confidence Selena exudes from the beginning is ever-present. With an infectious chorus and Selena directing her potential lover on what she wants from them, Selena is in control and she wants you to know it. She tells her potential lover to slow down the song all night long. And if Selena says it, you listen. Always. 

3.) played 208 times

Once that first roar starts, I know it’s fruitless to even try to be productive for the next two minutes and 40 seconds. The amount of shits given about every problem going on in my life turns to zero when this song comes on.

I apologize for the explicit content, but this meme pretty much sums up my feelings while listening to this song. Now imagine Maria running through the hills while Icona Pop plays in the background.

There is just something so trance-like about this song, it’s as if all of my worries and cares go right out the window, or in this case “down the stairs.” Because, if it makes me mad, I won’t care about it while this song is playing. All I have to say is thank you, D’Luv, for introducing this song into my life (and to Girls for bringing the song to even more prominence). Click here to read a blurb I wrote about this song.

2.) played 225 times

This was a surprise for me, too. I love me some Jessie Ware, but I didn’t realize I loved her THIS much. 225 times is a lot. Either way, the throwback nature of the song, along with Jessie’s signature (and freaking fantastic) voice pushed this song into the forefront of this chart. Jessie makes it seem so effortless: her beauty, her showmanship, everything. While other songs like “Devotion,” “Wildest Moments,” “Running,” “Still Love Me,” “Night Light,” “110% (If You’re Never Gonna Move)” and “Taking In Water,” with “Moments” and “Running” really blowing much of the 2013 competition out of the water.

The thing about “Imagine” is that the song itself begins where it ends. One could potentially put it on loop and get lost in it. With an upbeat flare and smart lyrics, Ware kills it. Also, it doesn’t hurt that she released a Madonna (“Deeper & Deeper“)-inspired music video to accompany the song. That’s what really caught my attention. And what convinced me to see her live when she came to New Orleans. Side note: Yes, I went to her concert ALONE, but I got to meet and talk to her opening act, the very lovely Mikky Ekko, for about an hour. We discussed songwriting, the current state of record companies, what artists should be doing in order to garner more public attention, and yes, we talked about Rihanna and how it felt to collaborate with her on “Stay” (and Christina Aguilera on “We Remain“). The dude is hella-talented and I can’t wait to see what he ends up doing. 

Yes, I got to meet Mikky Ekko, and yes it was amazing!

Yes, I got to meet Mikky Ekko, and yes it was amazing!

Her performance blew me away. She has this way of making every person feel like she is singing to only them. And her crowd interaction is insane. She worked us so much that had there been a merchandise table, I would have bought everything. I fell in love with her that night.


And now for the SONG OF 2013:

1.) played 227 times

From the operatic moments at the beginning to the build-up to the epic chorus, I was floored by this song from the beginning. And with a title like “Ready For The Weekend,” it really does live up to its promise. While “I Love It” may have been the song that captured my attention, “Weekend” solidified my love for this duo. Their music reminded me of the mindlessness of Ke$ha without making me feel like I had to scrub myself for hours on end to get the filth-pop off of me. At two and a half minutes, the song is just the right amount of jump start needed to a night to get things back on track. It’s the pre-rager ragefest, the pre-game to the actual pre-game, the song that starts it all. It gets the adrenaline pumping and puts you in the right mindset to just have a good time.

Thanks for reading! What songs made it into your Top 10?