#Adventures in #Nashville pt. 1: #EatSleepRaveRepeat

Two weekends ago, I traveled to the “birthplace of Country” (which is BS; Louisiana paved the way for country music way before Tennessee but the music gods wouldn’t allow Louisiana to be known for any other genre of music besides jazz).

Nashville. It’s a beautiful city, but not for me 😦

Let me start by saying I hate country. Loathe it. Detest significantly. It’s just not my cup of moonshine tea. (Unless it’s the flawless TSwift 🙂 )Needless to say, I steered clear of any Country Music Hall of Fame or other Country Music museums while there. Instead, because I was there to visit my friend Caroline (one of those good souls who is currently teaching inner-city seventh graders through Teach For America) I just hung out with her and ate. And when I say ate, I mean I’m pretty sure I gained five pounds just from our food escapades over our four-day weekend. Yes, I was a fatty. And yes, it was so worth it!

The best part of brunch: The MIMOSAS. They had a pineapple version called the Maui Mimosa that was epically delicious.

Actually, if I were to sum up the weekend events, it would go like the song “EAT, SLEEP, RAVE, REPEAT,” by Fat Boy Slim. We ate at some great places, like Rose Pepper, Jackson’s and Fido’s; we took naps and then proceeded to rave Nashville-style. Now, Nashville differs from other places in how it handles partying. Everyone tends to be grouped off or too shy to actually dance. I was surprised because Nashville is supposed to be a big city with many different types of people who (I’d hoped) liked to dance. This was certainly not the case. The only people who were not coupled off were the eccentric crazies at the front of the dance floor, and in between their drug-induced highs, they wanted to bounce around us and spin us around. They were obnoxious, but it made for a hilarious time.

Broadway, where all of the touristy bars are, including a piano bar that was actually pretty fun. And no, it had NOTHING on Pat O’Brien’s in NOLA.

I will say this though: Nashville had some VERY ATTRACTIVE people. I was surprised at how beautiful so many people around us were. But, alas, they loved and breathed country music. And some of them did not like New Orleans, an opinion I have no time for. So I just kicked those kids to the curb. Nobody hates on my hometown.

Overall, Nashville is one of those cities that has much to offer, but it is more of a niche offering – you have to like the delicacies in order go fully enjoy the whole place. while it was a fun and young city, it didn’t strike me as a place I could live. There was a whole subset of culture missing that I’m used to experiencing, especially in places like NOLA and NYC.

It was a fun visit and I’m glad I had the time to do it. And I’m just so happy that I could see two of my best friends again, especially after so long. Stay tuned for dating life revelations in the city of country music.