Third Time’s Supposed to be the charm, right? Pt. 3 #ATinderSeries

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After the great second date, I initiated conversation with J, but received unconvincing signs of interest. From here, things took a turn for the worst: I got the “I can’t do this right now” convoluted response with so much extraneous padding of words. This person pulled the “I think we are moving too fast, I am not ready for anything with a commitment, you’re an amazing guy who deserves better, etc. etc.”

She got me like a roller coaster | Turn the bedroom into a fair | Her love is like a drug | I was trying to hit it and quit it | But little mama so dope | I messed around and got addicted

But, through all of this, J made it a point to say just how much us staying friends and hanging out is essential to our “relationship” or lack of. So, trying to be the cool and unfazed one, I said, “No worries, J! That’s totally cool.” It was so not totally cool.

And then, things were relatively okay. We still would text randomly, things were still jovial (I feel like an old man for saying that btw) and we were getting along, but J kept flirting and hinting at us hanging out. So, I did the unthinkable; I went for what I wanted: I asked J if we could do Friends with Benefits.

This would have been us lol… And incidentally that Friends with Benefits was one of J’s favorite films.

Now before you get all judgey on me, I legitimately tried dating this person, but J made it sooooo hard! I really did try to do the dating thing, but J was apprehensive. AND, to top it all off, J was excited more at the prospect of FWB than dating. Being in med school and not having time to engage in an actual relationship (I’m guessing), J reveled at the opportunity to engage in something with less of a commitment.

So, we did the FWB thing for a solid three days. I asked J to come over to hang out the next evening and J said, “Sounds good.” I was pretty excited about the possibility of still hanging out with this person, and things were looking to be in my favor.

It’s in the palm of your hand now baby | It’s a yes or no, no maybe | So just be sure before you give it up to me | Up to me, give it up to me

Alas, it was never meant to be. J stood me up. I finally texted J and hour after this person was supposed to show up at my place and J said, “Oh, I thought you were joking.” Side note: one thing all of my friends know about me: when it comes to planning and scheduling, I NEVER joke around. I value other people’s time as much as my own. In other words, I’d never waste anyone’s time with frivolous, empty events.

Needless to say, I was a bit perturbed. But, trying to be a nice and understanding guy, I told J that it was just a joke but that we really should hang out that Thursday. J agreed… And then texted me ANOTHER diatribe about how they never agreed to FWB and that they just wanted to be friends. Again, being the nice person that I was TRYING to be, I told J, “No worries, it’s totally cool!” And again, It was so not cool.

After this debacle (literally hours later), I figured I could either hang out at home, sulking about my choice in potential interests, or I could go out and have fun with my friends. I chose the latter. And boy did we have fun lol. We ended up going to a local club and I danced my butt off.

But then… J showed up. And this time J didn’t even say a word to me. I had literally returned J’s phone charger (and seen J) about three hours before. And I got nothing but the cold shoulder. It was so surprising.

Baby do you dare to do this | Cause I’m coming atcha like a dark horse | Are you ready for, ready for | A perfect storm, perfect storm | Cause once you’re mine, once you’re mine | There’s no going back

And that was the end (I deleted J’s number). Because of this (plus some other lackluster dates through this online dating service), I have realized that wishy-washy people are not worth the headache of dating. And I’ve resolved to limit my online dating for the time being. We’ll see how this goes…


And now, for the song:

Katy frolicking in a garden with butterflies. Of course everything is cotton candy and rainbows in her world, since she is so awesome.

Katy really pulled out the generic R&B melodies of the past year and combined it with the genius of her hit single “E.T.” While the song itself has been a great romper for the past three-four weeks, but it lacks the longevity of a certified Perry hit (mind you, this is subject to change in the coming months). And a bit like this Tinder series, it started out explosive, but then got tiring and predictable, and even a bit conniving. Lyrically, Perry does a great job expressing the merits of engaging in a full-on relationship, but she forgets that her status as Ms. Perry allows her to not be plagued with the douchiest of douchebags. I mean, only someone like her could truly pull off this type of song.

Overall, it was a solid song; it may have been misinterpreted during its initial listens, but it finally was able to get its point across in a relatively structured manner by the end of the period.


GRADE: ★★★★☆