Third Time’s Supposed to be the charm, right? Pt. 2 #ATinderSeries

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Make me your one and only | Don’t make me your enemy | your enemy | your enemy…

Friday came and went. On Saturday, I ran into the med student while tailgating. We talked for a minute, and then parted ways. Again, Sunday, Monday and Tuesday, nothing really happened. Just a little flirting via text here and there. Finally, I texted and asked J on another date, to which J answered yes. And this time, I was going to pick J up. Like an actual date. And it was going to be awesome.

Texting while in the “talking” phase is so hard! But, with this person, things flowed naturally.

Probably an hour before I’m supposed to meet up with J, I receive a text. The text. One little message (and by little, I mean a five scroll-bys long) that would make me like this person even more. To paraphrase via “quoting,”

You’re a great guy, but things can’t happen like they did last time we went out. I don’t usually stay out so late, especially with guys I just met. I want you to understand that that will not happen this time. I’m not the type of person who will keep repeating the same mistakes again and again, hating myself in the process. So, if you want to cancel tonight, given this text message, I won’t hold it against you.

I pretty much pull a, “WTH? Where is this coming from?”

I mean, to recap, I have invited said person to come out with my friends and me a bunch of times to get to know them; I’ve never tried to treat this person without the respect that I would expect from them and I sure as hell would not want someone to undertake actions they would later regret.

This love will make you levitate | Like a bird | Like a bird without a cage | But down to earth | If you choose to walk away…

After doing what I thought was damage control but I realize was just making me seem even more vulnerable and easy to manipulate… messaging J to make sure everything was okay, we were both finally on the same page about what we wanted: to simply just get to know one another.

And so we embarked on our second official date. I didn’t even care that J was ready an hour later than we originally agreed upon; I was just happy to spend time getting to know this amazing person. We ended up going to this one nice wine bar in the area and hung out for an hour and a half before J convinced me to go dancing. Of course, once dancing was on the table, there’s no way I could turn it down. We ended up dancing the night away at an area nightclub.

Throughout the evening, random guys kept flocking to J, while J kept warding then off and clinging to me; it was actually quite funny to see these random guys look scared and intimidated by my presence (one of the very few times people have actually been intimidated by me haha). In the end, J ended up getting pretty drunk and since I was driving (and being the Southern Gentleman I am), I was going to bring J home.

Me. Dancing on the inside.

In the car ride, J started mumbling little sweet nothings and talking about how great of a guy I was, how I was different from all the rest and how I was going to get lucky tonight. I nipped that thought in the bud then and there, though, by turning to J and saying that nothing will happen tonight because I promised you that I wouldn’t. And I keep my promises. But J looked so cute sitting there, trying to convince me otherwise. You know how you can tell when someone is genuinely happy to be in your presence and they like you a lot more than they’re letting on because it’s not cool to like someone more than they like you? That’s how talking to J was at that point in the night.

We finally reached J’s house and I open the door, flooding the car with light. J groggily got out of the car and tried to put the moves on me as I help them out. I mean, I’m not perfect; we ended up making out a little bit. But that’s still me keeping my promise! I made sure J went inside the apartment and then sped back to my own bed; it was already 3 a.m. and I had work in the morning!

I’m not perfect lol…

That night, once I finally rinsed off the bar grime and settled into bed, I recalled all of the night’s events, replaying what I thought was a flawlessly-executed second date. And J seemed to agree, at least from the texts I received the next day. J said that they wanted me see me more, that they didn’t want to be just a booty call (as if I’d have a booty call…) and that we should spend more time together. J even went as far as to say that they would pick out the next date details.

And then… Nothing. At least nothing substantial for two days. Conversations initiated by me and responses generated by a less-than-interested initial. The responses I received mimicked the the way I have been describing this person in the post: short and one-syllabled.

And then FINALLY I got a text back. More like a diatribe… Stay tuned for pt. 3, where we get to the end of all of this J business.

She’s a beast | I call her Karma | She’ll eat your heart out | Be careful | Try not to lead her on…


BTW, for all those readers who have noticed the quotes placed within the text, I pulled them from Katy Perry‘s new song “Dark Horse” Feat. Juicy J: