As Uber Drives Into India, It’s Shifting Its Emerging Market Strategy Up A Gear

Great thinking, Uber! India is definitely a huge market for this type of business. Interesting to see how this will play out for other app-based companies, too


Transportation tech startup Uber is continuing its aggressive expansion across Asia. As of this week, it is now live in India, starting first with a luxury car service in its tech capital, Bangalore. The subcontinent may boast a potential market of over a billion, a rising middle class and 164,000 millionaires, but these are silver linings to some possibly darker storm clouds: low credit card and smartphone penetration, inadequate infrastructure, and low levels of disposable income. Uber will try to impose its premium and efficient model on the market, but entrenched indigenous operators, whose lo-fi solutions have thrived, won’t give up their turf without a fight.

So far this year, the private transportation startup has been on a tear in Asia and it last night discreetly announced that Bangalore would be the latest cab off the rank. The strategy is being fuelled in part by a $258 million investment…

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