4 Requirements To Get The Customer Service Experience Of A Lifetime

So true! Kindness and being nice really does help.

Thought Catalog

Maybe it’s my deep, sexy voice. Maybe it’s because I’m funny. Whatever it is, I just parlayed a basic cable & internet package into the best TV U-verse has to offer, with excellent internet, and fees waived for a year. Here’s what to remember the next time you want to have a great customer service experience.

1. Call them (or be there in person if possible).

Think about it, when was the last time you felt any obligation to be nice over an email or chat with an anonymous stranger? Unless the subject line is “SEEKING UNQUALIFIED INTERNS, 6 FIGURES,” no one is gonna want to help you that much.

2. Don’t be an asshole.

This should be obvious, but I’ll bet most telephone operators deal with 90% assholes in a given day. I used to subscribe to the “demand what you want” ideology. In return, I had emotionless…

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