Reflections on a post-grad life, pt. 1

They say the real world sucks compared to your life in undergrad…

Me graduating for the second time!

So far, life has been great. And while this summer has brought upon some interesting curve balls, things have worked out for the better. Where I am now could not have been possible had I not been dealt the hand I currently have.

While the “real world” has been an interesting experience so far, I haven’t fallen into those traps that usually plague recent graduates: I haven’t aimlessly spent all of my savings in celebration for my new life journey, I have been working toward gaining more experience in the career field I want to go into, and lastly (and most importantly), I haven’t moved back into my parents’ house (thank tha lawd).

I really AM so happy! Lol especially because I did not move back home… Neither my parents nor I would have been happy about that decision.

And it really hasn’t been that bad. Sure, waking up for work at 7:30 every morning and leaving the office at 5:30 can be very taxing, but, in the end, the experiences I receive have been worth it. My team is great; they have allowed me to gain even more experience and responsibilities as part of my full-time promotion back in May.

Having a job right after graduation really helped to create a sense of consistency in my life when so much was changing. And it didn’t hurt that it was at a place where I was already comfortable and knew the ins and outs of the business.

One of the best parts is that I have so much more free time. I’m actually able to indulge in some hobbies, read books, watch films and even catch up on some of my favorite TV shows (which I will post about separately).

In terms of actual life goals I set for myself, I plan to:

  • Complete my last screenplay and develop a new one.
  • Find employment outside of Baton Rouge.
  • Organize my iTunes Library.
  • Learn how to cook.
  • Graduate with both of my degrees.
  • Learn a new language fluently.
  • Work out consistently.
  • Shoot and edit my own short film.
  • Get my thesis published.

While I have started most of these projects, I have only completed one so far… But I’ve given myself until December to accomplish these tasks halfway. It’s going to be a long Fall season!

This summer has really taught me the basics about what to expect when you’re expecting when you’re out of that network and cushy bubble known as college. I think the most taxing part of this post-grad journey has been the continual cycle of applying to jobs: putting yourself out there and getting told that you’re a great candidate but not the best fit for the position. It can be very discouraging, but I know that those positions are probably not the ones that I’m supposed to be in. I mean, they always say that everything happens for a reason, right? All you can really do it just try, as my girls Nelly Furtado and P!nk tell us time after time. And I know that there are better things out there.

This quote is kind of funny, but I do like the original quote better: “When one door closes, another opens; but we often look so long and so regretfully upon the closed door that we do not see the one which has opened for us.” – Alexander Graham Bell

But, again, I am so thankful for the amazing support and love I have felt from my friends and family. Without them, I would not be as accomplished as I am today. Thanks for your help and advice, peeps!