UPDATED: Icona Pop are on repeat ‘All Night’

The gods have smiled on us: Icona Pop has released a legitimately good followup to their amazing “I Love It!” The parallels are obvious: it’s a repackaged version of “I Love It,” except without the feeling of being on a coke binge (thank you, GIRLS). It’s your summery pulsating electro-sugary pop with a catchy chorus, not that drug-induced coma of fiery passion about not caring. It’s your “key to paradise,” your anthem to bring you out of the year-and-a-half of putting shit into bags and throwing down the stairs. It’s that song that makes you want to start caring. It’s the song that pushes you to care for your significant other after wreaking havoc on bridges and ex-lovers. It’s “All Night.”

Side note: does anyone else feel like this is a LGBT anthem? I keep hearing undertones of acceptance and breaking boundaries. It must be all the “Same Love” I’ve been listening to since the Supreme Court rulings… Between this and their song “Girlfriend,” I think Icona is standing up for equality one top 10 hit at a time.

UPDATE: After viewing the Paris Is Burning-homage to kitschy-queer culture voguing extravaganza known as the official video for this song, my initial thoughts on this being an LGBT anthem have been confirmed. These girls are all about having a great time and living life to the fullest for all, no matter what sexual or gender preference. And that is why I love this band. Below is the video for Madonna‘s “Vogue,” which was a song based on the phenomenon covered in Paris is Burning.

While this may not be the strongest offering from their “debut” album (because their Icona Pop album from 2012 doesn’t count — it was only released in Sweden 😦 ), the song does what it says: it will have you doing whatever you’re doing all night, whether it be dancing, hanging out with friends or getting to know a new love. It definitely does not beat my fave “Ready For The Weekend,” whose chorus drives me into an adrenaline-filled frenzy of fist pumping and dopamine-induced euphoric feelings that actually make me feel that life can just be boiled down to a casual meeting of two strangers, AKA grabbing somebody and living it up.

Overall, the song is killer. And it is sure to be a hit. I could literally listen to it “All Night.”