The 10 Most Compelling Subplots On Your Facebook Newsfeed

SOOOO TRUE! Looking at my Facebook right now, I see at least half of these groups represented within the first scroll down my News Feed. I’m probably guilty of one of these…

Thought Catalog

The majority of us have been on Facebook for over half a decade now. Over the course of that time, we and the people around us have seen some things and done some stuff. People who you may have considered your “friends” back in 2007 may now carry more disdain-filled titles, or may simply no longer be a primary focus of the radar.

But arguably more compelling, is this strange thing that happens as we move on from high school, and then college. The people that once played regular or even recurring roles in our lives have left the set, increasingly rendering Facebook as yes, this place to keep up with our friends, but also a place to look into the lives of people we once knew. And with the passage of time, you could see these really interesting, often hilarious long-term story arcs developing. Meaning that somewhat involuntary, many…

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