Twitter Is Experimenting With New Live Events Platform, “DVR Mode” For Using Twitter With TV & More

“Costolo today touted Twitter’s position as the go-to second screen app, saying that if he’s watching a major event on television and doesn’t have Twitter on hand, he feels like he’s ‘watching [TV] with the volume off.'”

This article pretty much sums up Twitter’s plan on what’s to come. I’m glad they are focusing on cyber-bullying; it’s a problem that affects many users and can lead to very negative outcomes. Also, major props for teaming up with various TV networks to increase television show visibility during airtime. I can’t wait to see how second-screen takes off with all of this in mind.

Of course, from my thesis I found that people do enjoy tweeting about their favorite shows and discussing moments and characters from the show with people they did not know, along with family members, friends and coworkers. Through all of this, I’m excited to see the DVR mode in play. We’ll see if it can revolutionize the way people discuss TV shows.


Twitter CEO Dick Costolo today hinted at several upcoming features for the social media platform, including plans to address cyberbullying and better ways to filter the “signal from the noise” during live events, including something he referred to as a “DVR mode” for Twitter. These comments were made during a moderated panel this morning at the Center for Technology Innovation at Brookings.

On the subject of cyberbullying, Costolo spoke of ongoing experiments with technological solutions that would better filter out “egregious, obvious harassment,” noting that the challenge facing the company is in finding a scalable solution to that problem. Twitter today has more than 200 million active users every month, and the addition of celebrities, athletes, politicians and others the CEO dubbed “VIT’s” — “very important tweeters” — dramatically increase the usage of Twitter.

But even though the public nature of Twitter’s platform alleviates some of the potential for cyber bullying, Twitter also allows users to…

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