#ManOfSteel puts rest of #Superheroes to shame #MustWatch

“Man of Steel” was such an epic and awesome film!

Zack Snyder and Christopher Nolan are really a match made in cinematic heaven. Combining the angst of Nolan’s protagonists with the anti-hero schtick Snyder is known to emulate through the lens, “Man of Steel” delivers a plot most viewers are familiar with, but in an unconventional manner that ultimately makes this film that much better than its counterparts. It doesn’t hurt that the whole cast is great to look at, either.

Not following the traditional superhero mold of cheesiness and positivity (see Marvel’s “Thor” or DC Comic’s “Green Lantern“), Snyder tapped into a unique playing field where audiences are able to peel back the cape and truly understand the human-like struggles of identity our favorite Kryptonian deals with. While the film itself is a bit more dark, especially when compared to most of its main competitor’s (Marvel) catalogue (good thinking on emulating the opus of the Batman franchise, “The Dark Knight!”), this darkness really allows the viewer to experience the hardships of being so different and vulnerable (even if you are the Greek god Henry Cavill).

Henry Cavill in “Immortals” probably trying to be a badass and kill some crazy god or something… And yes, this guy makes me want to go to the gym WAAAAYYYYY more than I do currently.

And that’s the thing that makes this movie so good (even better than “The Avengers,” which I loved): it’s not just a basic reselling retelling of the “man” who saves mankind – it makes the audience think about the hardship and discipline associated with becoming the superhero to rule all superheroes. It shows how traditional American values of patience and treating others with the respect and dignity they want can lead to extraordinary feats.

Let me get on the critics for a second. What is wrong with this film? It provokes thought and introspection, along with transferring the viewer to a whole other world, close enough to our own existence but different enough to where we know this is just a fantasy. The story itself has been proven to resonate with audiences. The acting was actually pretty good, except for one moment in which Diane Lane had to act sad that Superman met his real dad… That was definitely not her best performance. Overall, everyone performed really well and I had to keep reminding myself that many of the shots were special effects.

And in regards to the actual shots and sequences, holy shit they were amazing! Snyder really understands camera movement and how to maintain a certain feeling within the audience during the viewing experience. My favorite sequence was when Clark Kent was looking at the FBI agents through the two-way mirror and then it cuts to Lois Lane facing him in the desert. This shot showed just how alone they were in the world, just how different and unique both of them were, whether they were an alien from outer space or a woman owning the journalism world (think about when the comic book was written. And then think about the struggle of women to be treated as equals in America). It really was just them. That shot packed so much unsaid emotion and conveyed all of it with the swift jump cut editing.

Lastly, did anyone see all of the product tie ins and cross promotion going on for this film? The studio was probably able to make its money back just on product placement. I mean, I wasn’t complaining; I know that product placement is beneficial for all parties involved. But the whole time, I’m sitting there thinking, “Damn, I really want those glasses, or that’s a really cool shirt he’s wearing. I bet if I wear that I could kick ass, too!” Loved the cross-promotion going on in the film.

Some of the cross-promotion trickled into eyewear specifically designed for Superman. Being the big fanboy I am, I’ve definitely fallen into this consumerism trap and now want to buy them just because Clark Kent wears them so SPECtacularly.

Overall, the film was a great interpretation of the superhero we all love. From the search for an identity to embodying that which puts the MAN in SUPERMAN, Clark Kent’s journey in Man of Steel is definitely worth the $100 13 dollars you’ll shell out for IMAX.

I’l leave you with the trailer: