Instagram Will Get Video On June 20

I think this will definitely benefit Instagram. I mean, they’re keeping their existing product intact, but intro-ing a new way to share updates with existing friends. I know that if Instagram’s service turns out to be comparable/better than Vine’s, I’ll probably discontinue my Vine service. I hate having to add new parts to my social network…


We’ve been working on getting more details on a press event that Facebook is having this week. Earlier, we wrote it could launch a news-reading app, but we have since heard more details that point to something else entirely. On June 20, a source says Facebook will unveil that Instagram, its popular photo-sharing app, will begin to let people also take and share short videos. Call it the Vine effect.

We are still looking for more information because we understand that Facebook has not wanted the details of June 20 to leak out — so this could be an intentional blind alley. But if the Instagram video report is true, you could say the event invite itself — sent by snail mail, coffee cup stain charmingly in one corner — is a red herring of its own.

Earlier reports about Instagram getting video provide some indication…

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