Who Won E3?

Interesting take on how the gaming world works in today’s console-saturated world. There is no real winner. They all will sell millions of units, but in order for one of them to pull out about, the big 3 will have to redefine how people enjoy the gaming experience.


By now we’ve heard most of what the big three have had to say. Nintendo is holding the line with the Wii U, Microsoft has announced an always-on box for $499, and Sony has made nice with gamers by offering a $399 device that allows users to share and sell games. All of the consoles are HD, all of them support multi-player, and the console wars are essentially over. Each console is a permutation of a high-end PC and each console should have a life-cycle of about seven years, give or take, until 4K becomes interesting then the new console generation will pop onto the scene.

It is, as the Lion King says, the circle of life.

Sadly, however, I think older gamers are finally seeing through the console ruse. To be clear, every console from each manufacturer will sell in the millions. There will be lines around the block…

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