Experiment 2 Video: “Cameron From 5 to 7”

For my project, I stuck to the shots listed in the directions. I included extreme long shots, long shots and a perspective shot. I also used a mirror to “break” the surface that mediates between the camera and subject. This time around, I focused less on the narrative. I chose to stick to a simple plot in which a girl goes to the gym and returns home. I literally followed my friend Cameron, who volunteered to be my subject for filming, to the gym and then back to her apartment. I took this idea from Agnès Varda‘s “Cléo From 5 to 7,” where Varda follows the main character around Paris.

She happened to look up at a dog pacing back and forth on a balcony above her, so I included that within the perspective shot. I chose to film within her apartment complex because I wanted to have a more controlled environment where I could shoot in the middle of the street and not worry about getting run over. This worked out in the end, as no one got hurt.

In terms of props, I really liked the beginning of Jean Luc-Godard’s “Breathless,” where the main character wears sunglasses. I thought it was a way to distance himself from the audience, so that they can not truly pinpoint who he is. Because I wanted my main character (Cameron) to remain aloof (I didn’t want the audience to get attached to her and create their own narrative), I made her wear sunglasses in the outside shots. In addition, I told her to wear a bright shirt under dark clothes to make her stand out among the scenery. This experiment with coloring worked in the end; Cameron stands out not only because she is moving around within the frame but also since she is wearing contrasting colors.

To break the rules, I employed the use of reflective surfaces in the shot. Without the side-view mirror of the car, there would have been no action. In addition, when Cameron goes inside her apartment, I film her walking through a hallway. The action is broken up because of the structural wall. This would never happen in traditional film where there is always action going on within the shot. Lastly, I did not use any zoom functions, as per directions from my professor.