@TaylorSwift13 makes me feel all warm and fuzzy with ‘Begin Again’ #SongOfTheMoment

Taylor-Swift-Begin-AgainYou throw your head back laughing like a little kid. | I think it’s strange that you think I’m funny because he never did. | I’ve been spending the last eight months | thinking all I’ve ever done is | Break, and burn, and end. | But on a Wednesday, in a café, I watched it begin again…

~ Taylor Swift, “Begin Again”


Artist: Taylor Swift

Song: “Begin Again

Album: Red, released October 22, 2012



TSwift really can do no wrong in my eyes; whether she croons about “Never Ever Ever Ever Ever Ever Getting Back Together” with a tiresome on-again-off-again lover (Jake, you have to stop calling her…) or about blaming herself for falling for the bad guy in “I Knew You Were Trouble,” she always understands just how complicated the relationships that plague our youth really are and the amount of emotion many young people attribute to these relationships.

With “Begin Again,” she shows us how easy it can be to forget all the bad things about your last relationship and move on. Her first relatively “really country” single from her album “Red” (which is actually really amazing — I know, I’m a sap), Swift sums up everything that revolved in one’s head while on a first date. You’re always going to compare the new one to your old relationships, and Swift knows just how to accent that without going too much into “guy-hating” territory (see “Picture to Burn“).

The funny thing about all of this is that it’s about Conor Kennedy, who is essentially a child, especially when compared to her previous relationships. The line about him throwing his head back like a little kid always gets me chuckling; he actually is a little kid, TSwift!

Video-wise, Swift nails it. A stroll through Paris (which I’m very familiar with…), the city of love and light. It’s all about rebirth. And new beginnings. Black and white with breathtaking shots of the city. It’s just so beautiful. I mean, the song itself is very much like Paris itself — it’s a classic ballad layered up with some modern extremities. And on first-listen, you know you’re in for a solid TSwift jam. It fits right in with the rest of the TSwift canon. Just like Paris, the listener knows what he or she is in for. And since the city oozes love (literally it is the hardest thing to walk down the street and not see some form of PDA occurring around you), it would the perfect city for a budding romance, especially one as fleeting as TSwift’s relationships.

TSwift sitting around Paris and singing her heart out. I feel like she’s just telling herself, “I hope this one lasts more than a week!”

This song captures what many could call the coming-of-age factor many people my age experience… We all think that we know what we are doing, but we really have no idea. Everything just feels so fresh and new, and it helps us forget about our cares — it gives us something else to live for. Something else to wake up for. A reason to remember just how good the world can be when things work out the way you want them to work.

With it’s lyrics comparing past lovers to new ones, it is easy to get wrapped up in the whole new romance, but at the end of the day, one thing is clear — TSwift should probably just have a little girl-time. Don’t date other guys. Date herself! Get to know herself a little more so that she can truly evaluate what is going on in these relationships. But then again, if she’s anything like me (and since we ARE the same age), she probably thinks she has everything figured out. Oh well — between the both of us, we have about six or seven years to grow up and realize what it means to be in a real, adult relationship lol.

I think Swift did good by placing it at the end of the album; the whole album goes through all of the emotions surrounding her past relationships, and “Begin Again” helps to bookend all of that drama by letting her slowly forget about the old guy and move on to the new one.


GRADE: ★★★★½


What do you think of the song? Classic TSwift or just a case of writer’s block?