Five Ways People in New Orleans are Different from Us

This sums up my experiences growing up in the best city in the South: NOLA. Of all the things that occur in my life that I may be odds with, me being brought up in NOLA is definitely something I’m content with. There is just a rich culture and history, full of amazing stories and amazing people.

Where y'at? The New Orleans Course

A note to my students:

Most of you have never been to New Orleans. I grew up in the South, but only geography makes New Orleans part of the South. The people are different and that is wholly a good thing. Most of you are New Englanders. The differences between the two are about as far apart as the 1500 mile van trip you are about to undertake.

I am still learning, but I’m willing to share some of the insights that I have gained over the years. I may not be entirely fluent, but let me try my best to interpret.

People in New Orleans are naturally polite. It’s not artifice; it’s who they are. They smile. They hold doors for you. They call you “baby,” or “shug,” or “darling” because that’s the way they were taught. There’s nothing in it for them, but consider it a good thing…

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