Beyoncé is back and sassier than ever, y’all!

Out of nowhere, Beyoncé decides to drop new music today. A two-parter of sorts titled “Bow Down/I Been On” shows Bey not worrying about Parental Advisory labels and trading R&B flourishes for fresh Hip-Hop beats (courtesy of Hit Boy). She’s putting people in their place and it works; my favorite part so far is when the beat drops and Bey starts crooning around the 1:15 moment.

This will be ALL over her CD if she releases it with this song. And I’m pretty sure that’d be the first single (or song for that matter) she’s released with the Explicit label on it.

This song is very different than Beyoncé’s previous offerings, which in themselves, are usually diverse (refer to “Love On Top,” “Party,” “Countdown,” “Irreplaceable,” “Naughty Girl” and pretty much any of her previous singles… none of them sound totally alike!). It’s nice to get some attitude from one of the most powerful celebrities in the world — if she can’t do it, then no one can :/ .

We will see what this buzz track is all about, but for now, give it a couple of spins and you’ll be singing to all the haters trying to replace you to “bow down.”

Side note: production here is WAAAAAYYYYYY better than the sad excuse for a remix Hit Boy created for Will.I.Am and Britney on “Scream And Shout.”


GRADE: ★★★★½