Experiment 3 video: “Replaying Relationships”

Special thanks to my friends who let me film them (John Parker Ford and Rachel Weaver)!

Caution: There is coarse language used in this film

For this experiment, I chose to continue my experimentation with mirrors, especially to show the angst of the main characters. There are two-shots galore, and a couple of emblematic shots, including the freeze-framed shot at the end and the first shot with both characters sitting in the car.

For the first emblematic (and two-) shot, I chose to place beads and other party paraphernalia to signify a main reason of their impending break up. Also, I got the actors to push up against the side of the car to imply the trapped feeling associated with a doomed relationship. I chose to block off the parking spots on either side to show that outside of the car (and their relationship), the world was open and free. In the male side-mirror shot (the second emblematic shot), I chose to focus the shot to show the text appearing on the mirror, “Objects in mirror are closer than they appear.” From there, I wanted to focus in on the important action: the male’s anguish about the trivialness of young love’s problems. While he is driving the car, or the relationship, the car (and relationship) is stuck in park. Nothing is happening and there is no future. The male rubs his eyes in frustration to understate the frustration of having to go through another time-wasting conversation.

The freeze-frame shot (in my opinion) is one of the most beautiful shots color-wise I have shot thus far.

One of my favorite shot sequences… The colors pop so well. And Rachel’s hair is glowing. She looks gorgeous (as always).

It allows the viewer to understand the growing distance between the two characters. The female’s hair is fiery red, which matches the intensity of her words, while the male character’s coloring is darker to signify the muted responses he gives her. Also, this scene is illuminated to show that there may be a brighter future for both characters now that they reached a decision about their current situation. I stumbled upon a drunk couple outside of City Bar, an establishment in downtown Baton Rouge, on Saturday, March 2. Recording their conversation, I used some of their dialogue, but shortened it and changed the names.

Lastly, I made a cameo in my film, similar to how Godard does in his films.

Have any suggestions filming-wise? Comment below 🙂