The Saturdays will (hopefully) hit mainstream success in US with #WhatAboutUs

From left to right: Vanessa, Mollie, Frankie, Una and Rochelle. Yes, they are gorgeous.

What About Us,” by The Saturdays (Chasing The Saturdays EP)

From the first keyboard synth noise, music listeners know they’re going to be in for quite the melodic build-up on “What About Us.” Combining electro-pop and an epic “scream-along” chorus, The Saturdays hit gold. While it is sonically similar to their previous (and one of my faves) “All Fired Up,” this single feels more mainstream than their previous offerings. It is definitely a great choice as first single in a new market; one that has been dominated by urban, beat-heavy melodies.

The only issue I take with this song is that it sounds too generic and does not allow The Sats to distinguish themselves from the droves of other pop acts trying to make it big… They should’ve looked to the Sugababes circa 2003 for guidance — I know they weren’t successful by any means when they tried to cross over to the US, but at least they stuck to music that was representative of them and their “sound;” or at least try to emulate the Spice Girls! They were wildly popular and their songs were so them! (Click here and here to listen to them)

One thing I should get out of the way: while I know that all five girls have different personalities, I can’t really tell all of their voices apart on this song — except Vanessa; her voice, while not as thick as the others’, is definitely more distinct. Over the past four years, I feel as if I’ve listened to enough of their music to distinguish among the various songstresses, yet this song melds their melodic voices together moreso than any other release to date.

For those who know their music well, think about what would happen if “All Fired Up,” “Higher” and the sassiness present in “Ego” all came together and had a baby. That baby would be this pop song. While not the most memorable lyrics, The Saturdays stick to their good suits: glossy productions and great, on-par vocals.

About the video: the first 1:40 minutes are a snoozefest. Literally it is just the girls walking down the street in LA and buying stuff at shops. Not the most exciting stuff to show. But, after the girls jump the fence to a baseball field, things start to finally get interesting. They break into a synchronized dance that is actually pretty good (and quite entertaining). And I know what some people will say: that they do have relatively boring videos (which, unfortunately, is true, and I’m surprised I’ve stayed a fan for this long given that fact…), but that is no excuse not to try hard and create something worth watching the next time around. If they can take the last minute-and-a-half and recreate that type of feel and energy for their future videos, I think they’ll be in good shape for their future endeavors.

Hopefully this song, along with their E! Channel show (Chasing The Saturdays), will give them the attention they deserve in the US. It’s about damn time!


GRADE: ★★★½☆