Lil’ Wayne’s “Love Me” hits all the right spots

Love Me” Feat. Drake & Future, by Lil’ Wayne (I Am Not A Human Being II)

I really need somebody, so tell me you’re that somebody

From the obvious Aaliyah reference to the hypnotic beat, Lil’ Wayne knows how to make some quality jams as witnessed with “Love Me” (reference the classic ode to sweet and sticky candy in the bedroom — “Lollipop“).

The song itself is Wayne’s own ode to how life is great as long as his girls love him. While I am not a fan of his subjugation of women (and lack of respect for them), I am a fan of his other messages prevalent throughout his song, including not paying attention to the haters.

One of the things that makes this song stick out from other urban songs on the charts currently is its chorus. While it may be redundant in its glorification of weed and booze, the melody is not at all standard. In fact, it is almost so different from anything heard on the radio currently. It’s what makes this song worth the second listen. Having two different people featured in a chorus in such a dynamic manner really makes this track stand out from the great influx of quality rap that can be found on the charts currently. A huge fan of Drake’s verses (see my coverage of him here), I automatically expected this song to be amazing. And Wayne (as usual) does not disappoint.

It is important to note that an improvement to this song would include the removal of Wayne’s lack of characterizing his lady friend in a positive, empowering light. It’s not just good that she is great at sex; she should be a role model for women everywhere. Maybe if Wayne rapped about how she is an independent woman who takes charge of the world around her and is in control of her destiny, and how Wayne finds this extremely attractive… Now that would be a great song.

Otherwise, Mr. Tunechi knows how to craft a hit that will keep people babymaking grinding dancing in the clubs.


GRADE: ★★★★☆