Songs of 2012: Nos. 5-1

This is a continuation of my “Songs of 2012” posting…

And on to the TOP 5:

5) “Let’s Go” Feat. Ne-Yo, by Calvin Harris (18 Months)

When this song comes on, I know it’s going to be a good night. From the initial flourish and build up, to the actual choral breakdown, Calvin structures the song to where the listener can reach a climactic fist pump rendition, then slow back down to regular dance choreography. The song itself is simplistic in its request: we only have tonight to make magic happen, so let’s go! Clavin had a great year crafting electropop songs that don’t demand much from the listener except being able to flail along to the beat with other less-than-sober people. Played 249 times.

4) “Ladi Dadi” Feat. Wynter Gordon, by Steve Aoki (Wonderland)

I remember the first time I heard this song: I was standing at the bar in the VIP section of Terminal 5 for the Steve Aoki-Trident Concert. When the breakdown after the chorus came on, I immediately dropped trying to get a drink from the less-than-impressed bartender and just started uncontrollably gyrating in an awkward position dancing respectably to the infectious remix. The next time was when I was at Lavo with some friends and the Kaskade “Freaks of Nature” Remix came on.

Steve Aoki was so nice after the concert and signed my poster. My friend Gina snapped a photo of us together before his manager pulled him away.

Steve Aoki was so nice after the concert and signed my poster. My friend Gina snapped a photo of us together before his manager pulled him away. BTW, Aoki does a sick concert.

From that moment on, I was sold; “Be Still,” the song featured in the Kaskade interpretation, was one of my all-time favorite House tracks. And I decided that Aoki could do no wrong in my eyes. This song came on at pretty much every place I went in NYC this past summer; this song became my song of nightclub summers.

You can watch the original “Mr. & Mrs. Smith”-styled video by clicking on this link, but here’s the Tommy Trash Remix of the song, which ended up being my most-played version of the song, along with the most-played remix this year. Played the original 46 times and the Tommy Trash and Kaskade versions for a combined 207 times.

3) “Baby Come Home,” by Scissor Sisters (Magic Hour)  – Click here to read my review

I love Scissor Sisters. Enough said.

Side note: Their concert over the summer was equally magical. Never did I ever think that I’d be able to see them live, but then I heard they were doing a show at Terminal 5 (I know, they have the BEST concerts ever!) so I bought a ticket. I was apprehensive about attending the concert by myself, but I actually ran into one of my long lost friends during the show, so everything was good. Between the amazing stage theatrics and reconnecting with old friends, the night ended up being in my top 5 of the summer.

Played 264 times.

2) “Girl Gone Wild,” by Madonna (MDNA) – Click here to read my review

This song reminded me exactly why I fell in love with Madonna in the first place: she’s always willing to challenge audiences and redefine what is considered risqué. Even at 79 54, she still performs unapologetically. It is amazing.

Since I’m on the topic of concerts, I saw Madonna perform at the end of October. And yes, she still has it. Whether she’s reinterpreting her old hits or crooning to her new album cuts, Madonna delivered one hell of a show. All in all, it was a great concert, even if it was not exactly what I expected.

Madonna telling us all about how she can take us "there," similar to praying.

Madonna telling us all about how she can take us “there,” similar to praying.

Played 286 times.

AND……. The NO. 1 song of 2012:

Safe & Sound” Feat. The Civil Wars, by Taylor Swift (The Hunger Games Soundtrack)

Okay. This song helped me write my screenplay last semester. I’d put it on repeat and listen to the raw emotion TSwift poured into the song itself. “Safe” became my own solace, especially during one of the most trying semesters I had experienced (scroll through to the side note).

TSwift changed up her style this go-around, focusing on creating a song that resonated with the struggle and gloominess associated with fighting in a gladiator-styled free-for-all frenzy known as “The Hunger Games.” But, even though the melody and lyrics may be dark, it’s Swift’s voice that becomes the silver lining listeners use to pull them out of the misery that is the sad reality of children killing children for sport. The song goes down as a classic morbid soundtrack single with the likes of Radiohead’sExit Music (For A Film)” and others. Played 307 times.

What was your No. 1 song of the year? Comment below!